Bridal Portraits

Once I was dressed, Melissa (our Photog) took a few "bridal portraits." When I look back on them, they make me feel a little narcissistic, but at the same time, I'm very glad to have them. What I like most about many of them, was Melissa's editing. She is able to make my skin look soooo good. When in fact I'm wearing minimal foundation/cover-up, and I suffer from rosacea. It is so nice to see myself with somewhat "flawless" skin…teheheheh :)

This one is kind of neat:

I like this one because you can see my eye makeup and how minimal it was… As I've mentioned before, I did my own makeup as I wanted to wear very little - so happy I went with my gut and didn't pay a professional to cake it on!

I think I look really calm in this one…and I also think I look a lot like my Dad too:

In this one I'm pretending to be looking out the window for my husband to be…lol:

Depending on your photographer they will give you lots of direction, or very little. I think Melissa fell somewhere in between. She provided some ideas on posing. For example the ones of me on the bed and looking out the window. But in terms of facial expression, she didn't really direct me too much on when to smile etc.

It was a little awkward for me to be the center of attention. Who knew, eh!? Who would have thought that on my wedding day, everyone would be looking at me and talking to… When we were doing the bridal pics my sister, sister in laws and mother in law were all in the room with me. Luckily it was a large suite so they were able to sit on the couch etc…and although I love them dearly I was still a little shy to have them all staring at me…lol…yes, I know, I'm a little weird.

Anyhoo, my photog did let me know that I’m a little quick to move my head between shots…like I didn't hold my smile long enough…or I shifted my eyes a lot…well, it was because I was a wee bitty nervous. Oh well, she was still able to get lots of pics :)

Happy Halloween

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Other "Getting Ready" Pictures I Love

Our Photographers gave us hundreds of pictures, and although we cherish them all, here are a few "getting ready" pictures that I really love.

One of the more "classic" pics as one of my facebook/blogfriends commented - the "putting on the necklace" picture:

It really is a lovely picture. And if my mother had been there, it likely would have been her putting it on. However, it does seem appropriate that it was my big sister. She, after all, was like my mother to me growing up. My Dad raised myself and my two siblings as a single parent when my Mom got sick. My sister was the one who came with me to Brownies and helped me make a Father's Day gift…and she's the one who taught me how to put my hair in a ponytail…so it was really neat to have her do it up.

I love the following picture, because it is probably the sexiest picture I have…lol…I'm just being honest here! It looks like I'm really curvacious and bodacious :) I worked pretty hard in the weeks leading up to my wedding day to not only ensure I fit into my dress, but also so I felt great in my dress. If I had of just purchsed a larger size, I wouldn't have had to worry about it …or if I had choosen a more a-line dress (like the Mikella dress that was my dream dress…but was also $1300 before taxes and alterations) I wouldn't have had to worry about it so much. Anyhoo, hindsight is always 20/20, right?

The following pictures are of my lovely Bridesmaids. They were so patient waiting around for me to get dressed and while I was taking my "Bridal Potraits." They really are beautiful girls.


Steph reading the card Patrick gave me:


Finally, here is a pic of my beautiful new Mother In Law:

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Bridal Accoutrements Etc.

Before the photographer arrived I tried to get out some of the final little details that I would like captured on film. My worry was that it was going to look too contrived. I can appreciate why many Brides like seemingly staged accessory pics, but I was trying to avoid "posing" my own accessories as much as possible.

The following pic is somewhat posed though ;p…I did place my little purse (that my Aunt/Godmother) made for me as well as my garter.

It just so happened that I placed them on top of my "wedding file". I had been working on the file for the last two years. At one point it was bulging with ideas/clippings/notes etc…but once the wedding day came I only required:
-Day Of Itinerary
-MC Itinerary
-Vendor Contacts
-Hotel Reservation
-Honeymoon/Flight Information

I think it is appropriate that I have a picture of it…the wedding evolved out of that simple purple folder ;)

I'm a little surprised that I'm posting the following toe pic…as I'm not a big fan of my toes or toes in general! But, I received a handful of them…so I thought I'd post what I deem is the "cutest toe pic"…lol. One of the things that got left off of the "to do list" and out of the budget was a pedicure. I *heart pedicures…but I ended up running out of time…and running out of budget - it is just one of those things that I didn't place as a top priority. I would have loved to have my toesies pampered - especially for pics like this…it is another one of those "oh wells":

Brides can have as many accoutrements or a little as they like. I like to think I fell somewhere in the middle. I did have a veil (see veil post ;), but no tiara. In place of a tiara, I had a small hair comb to add a little je ne say quoi to my hairdo when my veil came off (which was immediately after pictures).

I also had my lovely little purse that my Aunt Mary crochet for me:

As well as my DIY garter (I just had one to toss… My hubby did end up taking off the "Harris" pin as he wanted to keep it. But I have no idea where it is :(

And of course my bouquet:

And although not really an accessory, I had my "Day Of" itinerary on me as well:

I even have a picture of my sister/MOH getting good use out of it ;)

Finally I wore the pearl and diamond earring that hubby gave me for Christmas the year we got engaged and the pearl necklace he gave me as a wedding gift:

I don't have the most charismatic movements…so I don't have any of those gorgeous pics of me putting on my shoes - you know the ones I'm talking about - where the Bride elegantly leans down to put her shoes on? Or pokes her toes out from beneath her dress for one of her bridesmaids to put her shoes on… I do have this pic:

don't forget the foot petals!:

My shoes were so badly ruined they were thrown in the garbage at a gas station on the way to the airport the night of our wedding/morning after our wedding.

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Master of Ceremonies

Patrick and I were lucky enough to have my Brother In Law act as the Master of Ceremonies. Boy, oh boy, we couldn’t have had a better person to do this for us. Paul is a natural public speaker - he did such a great job!

My brother in law/MC with my sister and Matron of Honour Karen (his wife)

Below is our MC Itinerary. Though no fault of Paul's, the schedule did not stick to the timeline. Dinner ran waaaay later then we thought it would. This would be something to double check with your caterer. I *think I gave a copy of this MC outline to the University Club, but I think they forgot to look at it ;p

Dinner didn't necessarily seem long and drawn out, but the length of time between courses paired with the length of time it took to clear out some of the tables made for a very late start to the dance. As a result of the late start paired with the use of our iPod/laptop made for a very ho-hum dance. We have a couple of regrets to go along with this. The first would be hiring a DJ. We shoulda, coulda, woulda but didn't. The second would have been to have an open/hosted bar for the dance portion. Our bar tab (meaning my Dad's bar tab) was waaaay under budget… In our families, more booze equals more fun - I'm just being honest when I say this!

Anyhoo, here is the outline :)

Ashley & Patrick’s Wedding Day MC Itinerary – Saturday, June 21, 2008

5:30pm Cocktail Hour (and a half) begins @ Queen’s University Club
168 Stuart Street, Kingston ON

5:40 Test out sound equipment with Matthew (Pat’s cousin/DJ) upstairs; mingle

6:50 Head upstairs and get ready to begin J

6:55 Bridal Party to be seated – no introductions at this point

7:00 Ready to begin J
-Announce Bride and Groom as “The New Husband and Wife: Patrick & Ashley”

7:00-7:30 -Welcome guests
-Introduce self and give a little speech about your relationship to the Bride and Groom
-Go over “housekeeping” stuffs:
-Note that the bar will be closed over dinner, but will re-open once the festivities get underway once again, around 8:30
-Centerpieces: “At the end of the evening the guest at each table with the next birthday may take the table’s centerpiece home.
-Introduce Wedding Party (when you say their name they will stand J)
-Michael Harris, Best Man and the Groom’s brother
-Daniel Tomlinson, Groomsman
-Richard Olsen, Groomsman
-Scott Hume, Groomsman
-Karen Cundy, Matron of Honour and the Bride’s sister
-Meagan Harris, Maid of Honour and sister of the Groom
-Stephanie Suurdt (pronounced “cert” – like the mint), Bridesmaid and sister of the Groom
-Invite Father Stan Alanen up to say grace (?)

7:30 Dinner is served
-Main course

-Call up the Father of the Bride, Nesbit, for speech
-Call up the Mother of the Groom and Father of the Groom, Karen and Martin, for their speech
-Call up Maid of Honour, Meagan, to make her speech
-Call up Matron of Honour, Karen, to make her speech
-Call up Best Man, Mike for his speech
-Call up Aunt Cindy Bratkowski (brat-cow-ski) for speech
-Bride and Groom to give thank you speech and toast to guests

8:30 -Thank all of the speakers
-Announce that the bar will be reopening momentarily
-Suggest to guests to take a step outside for some fresh air or to get another drink, so the tables can be rearranged for the dance

9:00 -Welcome everyone back, and announce the Bride and Groom’s first dance
-Announce Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance
-Tell everyone to have a great night!

9:45 -Announce Cake Cutting

10:15 -Announce Bouquet toss
-Announce Garter toss

10:30 -Pizza arrival

12:30 -Reception ends

Our Wedding Budget

This is obviously a private thing for many Brides and Grooms…as it is for us. However, I know that when I was planning my wedding I was anxious to read about what real couples were paying for their weddings…so I could have a good idea what I might expect to pay for a wedding of similar scope. So here is our wedding budget breakdown:

Ashley & Patrick: Kingston, Ontario (planning from Victoria, British Columbia)

Initial Budget: $28 000
Guests: 120
Planning Time: 2 years

Ceremony: $200 - We were married at St. Mary's Cathedral. It is a gorgeous Catholic Cathedral in Kingston. It amazes me how little the fee is to use this beautiful Church. We're still trying to think of a way to thank our Priest for doing a fabulous job. It really was special to us to be married here.

Reception: $7600 - Our reception was held at the Queen's University Club in Kingston. I attended Queen's for my undergraduate degree…it is a lovely spot to host a reception…the food options are plenty and very tasty. This price include a hosted bar for the cocktail hour and a half as well as wine during dinner. The total cost for alcohol was $592 for the bar and $508 for the wine. We regret not having an open bar for the entire evening…we didn't do this because we feared what the cost would be…but were pleasantly surprised with how low the cocktail hour and half came in as. We were expecting more like $1400 - eep! The reception location including all tables, chairs, linens (we provided our own table runners) etc. This also included the setup and take down…which is amazing in itself…they decorated the entire place to our specifications and did an amazing job!

Bridal Attire: $760 - I ordered my wedding gown from one of the best decisions I made. Not only do they have a great selection of designers to choose from, but they offer speedy delivery and excellent customer service. I was a little concerned about sizing when I ordered the dress…but I tried on dresses from the same designer before ordering and it all went smoothly. I did take a bit of a risk though…I had never tired on the dress before ordering…lol It all worked out and I received many complements on the dress. Purchasing an inexpensive gown online was the ideal for me…it wasn't a top priority to find a designer gown made of the finest materials (silk etc). And honestly, as a Bride in a beautiful white gown, you will look gorgeous regardless if you spend $400 or $14 000 on it - it's your wedding day…you are already glowing from within!

Stationary: $720 - This included my DIY Invitiations, Save The Dates, Ceremony Programs, Menus, Place cards, Thank You Cards and postage. My originally budget was $500 but quickly went up as the cost of materials was more expensive than I had originally thought. I should also note that all of the laser printing was done on a friend's printer, so I didn't incur any costs for that. It was an incredible amount of work, but so rewarding - we received many compliments!

Favours: $200 for $140 favours. We gave boxes of Junior Mints (who doesn't love Junior Mints?!?) wrapped and tied with a ribbon and a card attached. They were a hit! There are so many cute favours out there, from wine stoppers, to photo frames…but for myself, edible favours seemed to hit the mark.

Guestbook: $8 - we ordered a photo guestbook from Obviously the cost is more than $8…that just covered the shipping. We took advantage of a promotion that was having and saved a bundle!

Photography: $1075 - This includes both engagement pictures and the day of (although they were done by different photographers). Because we booked our fabulous photographer so far in advance - a year or so - we were able to take advantage of the 2006/7 prices. I've found that photographer prices have gone up considerable in general over the last year…but even if we had to pay the current prices, we would have went for it…all you have after your wedding day is your memories, your new husband and your photographs! I should also mention that this price doesn't include albums or prints and it was for 7 hours of work.

Videography: $0 - I kind of regret not having a videographer. We were originally just going to use our own video camera…but my new husband forgot to set it up! I also thought my Aunt's boyfriend was going to record it, as he did for my sisters…but he didn't. We did however, luck out and notice that one of Patrick's uncles was recording it - but unfortunately, it is a little grainy.

Ceremony and Reception Music: $175 - We hired one of the Church's Organists to play during our ceremony. It was lovely, but it would have been ideal if she had come to the Rehearsal…ah well. For our reception we created a play list on itunes and using our laptop we asked a cousin to manage it - we gave him a gift card as a thank you. Although our cousin did a great job, in hindsight we would have just hired a DJ…that and had a hosted bar all evening…lol

Floral: $1450 - This included all of our personal flowers, as well as those for the Church and reception tables…we DIY'd the centerpieces…but everything else was professionally done. We used Costco and as our supplier for the DIY - they were great!

Cake: $425 - We used Cakes By Krista. The cake was delish…but the decorating was sub-par…it wasn't anything like I envisioned…not sure if this was my fault or hers…I also regret spending so much on cake…so much went uneaten (and that was after had 4 pieces…lol). We've already dug into part of the left over bottom layer and no freezer burn! We can't wait to eat the rest of the top layer on our anniversary! Can you believe I was able to bring it back to Victoria all the way from Belleville, Ontario? Thank goodness for freezer bags!

Hair and Make Up: $245 - My hair was done at an Aveda Concepts Salon called "Diva Salon"…the owner/manager was a dream to work with…but way too much product was used…lol. The amount I'm quoting included a hair trial…which was a waste of money in my opinion. I did my own makeup but had a trial at MAC where I had to purchase so much make up…this too was kind of a waste of money. On the day of I wore minimal makeup and I still felt great. You don't need to cake it on just because it is your wedding day ;p

Men's Attire: $695 - This included 4 groomsmen ties and one Father of the Bride tie. My Groom purchased a 3 button black wool suite, a new shirt and tie, as well as cuff-links…he sure looked sharp! The suit was from Moores here in Victoria…they kind of lacked customer service and organization…ah well. He also had his alterations done there…the pants ended up being hemmed too short and had to be fixed - no biggie, right?

Gifts: $1600 - This includes bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts, gifts for the parents, aunt and uncles involved, flower girl and ring bearer an, the readers, etc. etc. It is a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but a lot of people also helped make our day the day that it was - no regrets here!

Assorted Décor: $1000 - This included the fabulous table runners my lovely Aunt made for us, matches, napkins, votive place cards, table numbers and frames…etc, etc. I honestly don't think people spend enough on décor. Unless your venue is already amazing…spend some of the budget and use some elbow grease to make the place beautiful! It is amazing how many pictures you'll get back from people at the venue…you want it to look great!

Transportation: $2000 - This includes flights and car rentals…but not hotels. Technically we are a "destination wedding" couple…our destination just wasn't tropical… We still had to pay for many of the costs of having a destination wedding…hotels, flights, car rental, shipping of décor items, etc. On the actual day of my Dad used his car to drive me to the Cathedral. My 'maids used their cars and my Groom used our rental…which was also our get away car. It all worked out great in the end. The only small regret I have is not hiring someone to drive my Dad and I to the Church…there was supposed to be saved parking for us out front….somehow there didn't end up being enough room…or so we thought - it was a little stressful. It would have been nice for my Dad and I to just get dropped off and not worry about parking ;)

Total Cost: $24 200.02

Below I'll post some screen prints of our excel spreadsheet…which is a bit more detailed. Click on them to enlarge.

Was it worth it? Absolutely! But, the 24K would have be A LOT harder to stomach if we had to shell it out all in a matter of 6 months…or even a year. We've spent this much over the last two years…it made it a little easier (likely easier to overspend too ;) And like I said before, my Dad paid for a lot of the costs and for that we are so thankful for!

The Bay Gift Registry

Living in Canada I feel we don't really have much to choose from as far as stores to have a wedding registry (especially compared to the US - Macy's, Bloomindales, Target..the list is much longer). Sure, there are online registries, honeymoon registries, and the like - but we really wanted to register for some more traditional items….which left us with:

The Bay (Home Outfitters is an option for this company as well)
Linens and Things (which is currently going bankrupt and closing…so I hear)
Canadian Tire (which has stopped it's gift registry a few months before our actual wedding day…plus the store didn't really fit our wants/needs).
Wal-Mart (no offence, but, no thanks)

Looking at the above options, we really only felt that The Bay or Sears were contenders. We thought of Sears because it is everywhere our family lives…although didn't seem to offer fine china, fancy crystal - and many other items to the same degree. And I'm happy we didn't go with them. My husband's cousin used Sears and when we went in to try to purchase a gift for them they didn't have any of the items we wanted to purchase (and there were many!). Yes, you can order online…which we tried to do…but we needed their exact mailing address, phone number and WE had to know the store location that was closest to them. They live in Vancouver, so there are a few Sears stores in that city ;)

This left us with The Bay. We liked They Bay because it offered tons of fine china to choose from and varying price points (we went with Mikasa Cameo Platinum - pretty but simple). As well as tons of linens, towels, gadgets, kitchen appliances…you name it. It also allowed us to use any gift cards we received at their 3 stores: The Bay, Home Outfitters and Zellers. We did also register at Home Outfitters as well, but only because they offered us a $50 gift card to do so - hold out for those free gifts before registering :) We closed the registry soon after though…we really wanted our china (ok, I really wanted our china) from The Bay.

I know this will depend on which Bay store you shop at, but the customer service at the store we used was terrible. It was ok at first, but it seemed that once gifts were getting purchased off the registry, the service went downhill. There didn't seem to be staff available in the registry area to answer our questions. It also seemed like they were very unorganized in terms of which gifts in their "back room" were ours. And each time staff went into the "back room" we were waiting a good 10 minutes. This was particularly frustrating when it came to our wedding china. FOUR months after our wedding day we are STILL waiting for a couple of pieces of our china. We only just received the majority of pieces about a month ago. Many of these pieces were purchased weeks before the wedding and still hadn't arrived. Not only have the items been late in arriving, but the staff couldn't even gift us an estimate of when they might arrive. Not cool.

We also received some of the wrong items and when we called the staff on it, they tried to convince us that they were what we registered for, until we walked over to the piece we registered for, showed the registry print out saying that they were incorrect. No apologies followed.

We also received a clearly broken item. It wasn't wrapped, so the staff could see the defect as clearly as I could…she still tried to get us to leave with it.

Some of our items were discontinued (and they weren't seasonal) after they were purchased. We weren't informed of this (nor was it indicated on our registry).

We also haven't received an invitation to a completion party, and several have happened since we were married….oh, I guess I should correct that. We did receive a notice in the mail yesterday letting us know we could attend one that same afternoon - a little short notice!

Let's just say, there were several "problems" with this company. We love our gifts though…and are incredibly happy for that. The Bay that we dealt with just needs to get their act together!

Procrastination & Wedding Letdown

I never thought I'd be one of those Bride's that takes FOREVER to complete her wedding album. Or to get copies of pro-pics out to her family…but it turns out I am one of those Brides ;) I'm only about a quarter of the way through my blurb album. And I've received a few emails informing me that blurb has updated it's software to be bigger and better. So, I'm wondering if this means I need to re-download the software and re-do the small part of the album I've completed? Anyone know?

My goal is to get the parents albums out by Christmas…which means I need to get my keister in gear. Unlike shutterfly (the company that I use for my everyday memory photobooks), blurb is super speedy with its printing process and shipping - which is great. I just need to submit my order! Hopefully I'll work on it a bit tonight 'cause tomorrow is a busy day filled with beer bottling (for our upcoming Hallowe'en party!) and TV and speaker installation…not to mention the cleaning that needs to be done!

I'm also a little surprised that I've turned into one of those wedding bloggers that take FOREVER to finisher their recaps of how the day went. I promise these will get done one day soon, but if you'd like links to my facebook pictures in the meantime, please leave a comment.

Hi Everyone ... I'm Fine

Hey everybody -

Thanks for all the well wishes gals (and guys). I am so sorry for my absence these last few weeks. Things just got pretty crazy and overwhelming, so I needed to try and take a blog breather.

And not to worry, I have not been hiding under a rock this last month, instead, I have:

- Seeing Bailey perform as Elle Woods in one of her last performances of Legally Blonde on Broadway. LOVE. THIS. SHOW. I was singing Oh My God, Oh My God You Guys the entire time I was in NYC.

- Hung out with my in-laws for a week in Duck. We stayed in an awesome neighborhood AND I got to stop here for a fro-yo flurry on the way there and on the way home.

- Found the perfect fall dress. In leopard print. For 20 dollars. Warning for you gals who wear larger than an A cup, this dress makes your girls look huge!

- Am almost done planning my 10 year high school reunion. We're having a party on Saturday here and a picnic in our hometown that's kid friendly on Sunday. Anyone want to drive over to my house to help me stuff 30 grab bags for the kids on Sunday.

I promise to bring you some wedding/fall/preppy inspiration in the coming days, I just wanted everyone to know I was ok.

Oh and one more thing, I need help lovely readers. As you know the preppy pooches, Dempsey and LuLu always make a costume statement on Halloween. I am totally stumped this year. I haven't seen anything cute at my normal go-to places (target and old navy). Suggestions?

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