Kevin & May

Thanks to Kevin and May! You guys are nice and fun! Wish this little works can make you feel delighted! cheers :-)

Noticed the little white dot in the middle of photo?
Haha ... is actually the Moon !

Funny Wedding Dress

Not all of our funny wedding dress and photo’s have to be disastrous. This bride wedding dress is not exactly standard, but funny wedding dress got and interesting color and look to it. Via

New Trends in Wedding Dresses

Are you looking for a new trends wedding dress, in Dutch trouwkleed, which jives to the new trend nowadays? Since almost everything in global is constantly being upgraded and follow trends in wedding dress, so as with the wedding dress that you would wear on the special day of you life. Today different-different styles are available for the fuller figure. There is a growing market out there reacting to skinny model so-called norm. Wedding fress color schemes explained by wedding expert. It’s a part of free wedding dress planning video series about questions that brides most frequently ask.Via

Vietnamese wedding gifts

The wedding favour has long been a part of every culture's wedding traditions.
It is the way to show your appreciate to the obliging guests who care enough to turn up at your wedding and thank them for this nice gesture with a gift that they will always treasure!

The almost vietnamese wedding celemony use a wide range of wooden souvenir gifts for wedding guests such as, miniature woodcarving of Vietnamese dolls, key chains, pocket mirrors, pocket Business card case, mini boat, jewel-box, clay statues...

This is some picture of them

An unexpected Yellow Dress No. 10: pretty Persuasion

Erin just sent me these wonderful images from her wedding. She is wearing a one of a kind dress I created, which later became the inspiration for the Persuasion dress in my 2010 Collection. Hers is in a very special color I call citron, cream with a kiss of palest lemon yellow. I just love how it looks on her. Congratulations, Erin!


It wasn't really love at first sight when I first met her.
She's very pretty but she seemed like a rich spoiled bratty girl with a red Ferragamo headband and a gorgeous fiance - the type of girl everyone likes to hate (of envy) :-)
But she's not a dumb blonde, she's a doctor! how can someone be so lucky?!?
She wanted lace... lots and lots of lace and lots of detailing.
I drew a sketch and computed the costs.
Then presented it to them, and just like my usual line, handed the quote with "think about it first po ha"
and then she said - "ah no need, you're my non-negotiable" with the sweetest smile ever.
My heart melted, and from that minute on, I was in love with her :-)

Months passed and I've loved every minute with her. She was continuously losing weight, her determination is really admirable. It was a production nightmare but she was such a delight to work with, that it didn't feel like work at all.
There was even one time that she blurted out after a very fun fitting - "hay naku, I really love it here, this is such a happy place talaga"
to which my staff replied - "ay!! Mcdo ito! pakiantay lang po ang mascot, s'ya po sa final fitting! :-) hahahaha!

Her wedding day is exactly my birthday and I told her from the day she inquired that I can't be there at her wedding, but somehow I couldn't bear the thought of not seeing her at her most precious day. And it was all worth it, she was soooo beautiful and she looked perfect. ... as she so lovingly put it, "blog-worthy" :-)

entourage gowns by Niko
Choy's Suit by Randy Ortiz
Hair and Make up by Gela Laurel
Awesome pictures by Pat Dy
Stylish coordination by Ernest Pascual of Events!Events
Video by Bob Nicolas

Choy and Jill from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

Ivory Hair Flowers

Here are two of our popular bridal hair flowers, one on a three inch plastic comb and the other on a silver three inch heavy duty hair pin. Flower headpiece S2181 on a comb has two silver metallic ivory and cafe organza flowers with gold and rum pink stamins. This piece also has silver metallic leaves and is 7 inches by 5 inches (not including the natural feathers). If you’re looking for a darker shade of ivory, you may want to select Ivory Flower Hair Comb S2182.

One of our biggest sellers is Ivory Hair Flower S2165R (almost white) with natural feather and translucent organza petals on a three-inch hair pin. The design is four inches in diameter (not including the natural feathers) with a stunning floral centerpiece of round and marquise cut rhinestones. All but one of our new flower headpieces are value priced at $42 or less!

message cookies

In keeping with yesterday's dessert theme, I spotted these adorable cookie cutters yesterday over on Ohdeedoh. I thought they could work beautifully for cookie favors i.e. "Ann and Bill 1.29.10". OR! place cards/seating cards that double as favors! I realize this would involve resetting the type for each cookie then stamping a different name on each, but wouldn't that be cool? No doubt it would be kind of tedious for a large wedding (I wouldn't recommend it if you were expecting say... 400 people) but it wouldn't be expensive, and in my opinion, the best seating cards are edible seating cards! Message Cookie Cutters from Williams Sonoma.

Арктика на Балтике ( + 3 фото )

Фотографии сделаны сегодня - 29 января 2010 года

Ещё 3 фотографии можно увидеть, если открыть тему в новом окне.)

Фотографии сделаны сегодня - 29 января 2010 года

Our Help for Haiti Event Begins Today!!!

Our shop is officially open for business!! Please take a minute and visit to view all of the wonderful items that our team members have donated to help raise money for the people for Haiti.

Coco from wrote an awesome article about this event. Please click on the photo below to check it out, and give a thumbs up!! If you have the time, blog about this event, tweet it, facebook it, do whatever you can to help us get the word out, we would really appreciate it!

Wedding Stamp & Starfish Hair Pins Giveaway Winners!

Congrats to
Jbride who said...
My favorite item from Purple Lemon Design's Etsy shop is the Medium Wedding Monogram Address Stamp!

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I like the sand dollar hair pins from shellscape.

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modern classical

I am so in love with this piece right now. I've been to a couple of Pavarotti's live performances over the years and I can only imagine how incredible this would be live. I truly believe classical is best listened to with the volume way up.

Tribute piece by Vitamin String Quartet

Romantic Wedding Dresses

Fairy tale, feminitity, romance. And that’s just the dress. CHRISTOS was established by Cyprus-born designer Christos Yiannakou. After heading his collection for over 20 years, he retired in 2005, leaving Amsale Aberra at the helm of the CHRISTOS Collection. Amsale stayed true to his tradition of impeccable heirloom quality and by using the finest silks, French laces and silk organzas. CHRISTOS designs are especially known for their use of Alen on lace, or point d'Alençon, a type of needle lace created in a French town by the same name. Alençon, a small town in Normandy, began manufacturing lace in the sixteenth century, that’s how extraordinary they are. Bridal gowns by Christos can be purchased at the AMSALE Salon in New York City, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Klenfield’s in Manhattan.

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