Paid Rs 28 crore Motorola TV ad - A.R.Rahman

AR Rahman has reportedly been paid Rs 28 crore to be a youth icon for Motorola? If this is true the Indian music maestro becomes among highest paid celebrities in the world.

With this astronomical sum he also becomes one of the biggest Indian names who can claim to be true international youth icon.

Since his Jai Ho song in super duper successful film Slumdog Millionaire won accolade and he won two Oscars, he has become one of the most talked about music directors from across the world. He was rumoured to be in talk with Bond director for composing music for the film.

If he gets Motorola endorsement it will be big boost to his world wide image. Motorola is a big brand. It has been at the forefront of communication inventions and innovations for nearly 80 years. It has achieved extraordinary accomplishments along the way — such as making the equipment that carried the first words from the moon and leading the cellular communication revolution with the development of the world’s first handheld portable cellular phone, the DynaTAC (DYNamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage). It the first to bring Push-to-Talk over Cellular to market. More recently, Motorola delivered the first all-digital high-definition television (HDTV) technical standard and demonstrated the world’s first WiMAX 802.16e mobile handoff.

Today, Motorola develops a portfolio of technologies, solutions and services — including wireless handsets, wireless accessories, digital entertainment devices, wireless access systems, voice and data communications systems, and enterprise mobility solutions — that make mobile experiences possible. With the rapid convergence of fixed and mobile broadband Internet and the growing demand for next-generation mobile communication solutions, our mission is to lead the next wave of innovative products that meet the expanding needs of our customers around the world.

Rahman has won all the known awards for his music. He is the 1995 recipient of the Mauritius National Award and the Malaysian Award for contributions to music. He was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award for his first West-End production. A four time National Film Award winner and conferred the Padma Shri from the Government of India, Rahman has received six awards for Best Music at the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards and eleven awards for his scores at the Filmfare and Filmfare Awards South each. In 2006, he received an honorary award from Stanford University for contributions to global music. A 2008 Critics Choice Awards winner for Best Composer, Rahman became the first Indian national to win a Golden Globe, winning for Slumdog Millionaire in the category of Best Original Score AR Rahman was born actually as Dileep Kumar on the 6th of January in the year 1966 in Chennai. His father was a known musician but dies the day when the first film he had composed hit the theatres. AR was only 11 years at that time.

His early days were one of struggle and hardships. At the age of 11, his father passed away following a mysterious illness with rumours abounding that he was the victim of black magic practised by his rivals. Unfortunately R. K. Shekhar passed away the very same day his first film as composer was released. It was at this time that Rahman’s belief in God first took a beating. Much of his time was filled with hospital visits, pain and anxieties. It is an issue that Rahman outrightly refuses to discuss even today. After his father’s death the pressure of supporting his family fell on the young Dileep. At first the family subsisted by lending out his father’s musical instruments.

It was his mother who encouraged the young Dileep Kumar to follow in his father’s footsteps and fully supported him in his vocation. But all this had an adverse effect on his formal education. Infrequent attendance and an unaccommodative management forced him to shift schools from the prestigious Padma Seshadri Bal Bhavan to the Madras Christian College and finally he dropped out of school altogether when he was doing his 11th grade.

Later he was able to get a full scholarship to the famed Trinity College of Music at Oxford University from where he obtained a degree in Western Classical Music. He came back with a dream to bring an international and contemporary world perspective to Indian music.

Dileep converted to Islam from Hinduism in 1989 merely years before his first Bollywood blockbuster Roja was released. He converted to Islam along with his family after a personal experience with a Sufi Pir.

When asked what prompted him to convert to Islam, he says “I remember my father suffering. He was taken to eight to nine hospitals, including the CMC hospital in Vellore and the Vijaya hospital in Madras. I saw him suffering physical pain… I remember the Christian priests who would read from the Bible beside his hospital bed… I remember the pujas and the yagnas performed by the pundits… by the time, the Muslim pirs came , it was too late. He had already left us. After my father passed away, for some years when I was a teenager I believed there was no God. But there was a feeling of restlessness within me. I realised that there can be no life without a force governing us… without one God. And I found what I was looking for in Islam. I would go with my mother to durgahs. And pirsaab Karim Mullashah Qadri would advise us. When we shifted to this house, we resolved to stick to the faith.”Rahman became a very religious and devout Muslim. After this period his career graph began to take the upward path. More and more advertising offers came his way.

In Bollywood he came through famous Tamil and Bollywood producer Mani Ratnam. He was introduced to Mani Ratnam by one of Ratnam’s cousins. He was interested to learn about his music and one day dropped at AR’s studio.

The 24 year old lad played out a tune that he had been pushed into composing by his school friend G.Bharat alias Bala when they both had been greatly disturbed by the socio-political tensions in South India over the Cauvery river waters issue. Listening to the tune that was played, Mani was hooked instantly. Without a second thought he signed on the composer to score the music for his next film. That film did not work out but Mani signed him on for a new film which was to be produced by the veteran Tamil director K.Balachander for his respected ‘Kavithalayaa’ banner. That film was ‘Roja’. That tune would become the song “Tamizha Tamizha” in ‘Roja’. The music of the film would be a phenomenal success that would revolutionise modern day Indian film music. The name of the 25-year old composer was A. R. Rahman. And the rest, as they say, is history.


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Tamil Heroin Kausalya Biodata

Biography / Biodata
Kausalya / Kousalya / Nandini

Original / Real Name

Date of Birth
Dec 30, 1979


Other Tongue

Languages known
Kannada, English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam,Marati

Dance Skills
Bharatha Natyam

Favourite Actor
Shahrukh Khan

Manisha Koirala

Steeven Spielberg

Favourite song
“Chinna Chinna Aasai” from “Roja” film

Favourite colour

Favourite Dress
Jeans, T.shirt

Actress , Model

Kausalya, No:15, A-2, Akshar, Palace Road, Bangalore-52.

tamil actor prashanth Biodata

Parents & Sibling :
Thiagarajan - Shanthi Thiagarajan, sister - Preethi.

Wished ( to be ) :
Doctor but became an actor

First Film :
Vaikasi Poranthachi (Release date - 16-09-1990)

Languages acted in :
Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam

Tennis, internet surfing, listening to songs, reading books, playing music instruments, snow bowling, karate, horse riding, swimming, chess and playing billiards.

Silver jubilee Films :
Vaikasi Poranthachu, Chembaruthi, Jeans, Kannethirey Thondrinal

100 Days Hit Films:
Vanna Vanna Pookal, Thiruda Thiruda, Perundachan (Malayalam ), I love you (Hindi), Aanazhagan, Mannava, Poo Maghzal Urvalam, Telugu ( 12 Films),
Jodi, Parthean Rasithean, Priyatha Varam Vendum

Arts known:
Bharatham, Kuchipudi, Manipuri , Russian ballet, Karate, Silambam, Kung-fu, Kalari, Horse Riding, Swimming, Skatting

aKalaimamani award from Government of Tamilnadu, Best New Appearance award of year (1990) from Cinema Express and Best actor award of year (1998 ) from Roja Magazine

Kamal critiques Slumdog critics

The 'Ulaganayagan' (universal hero) Dr. Kamal Haasan was one of the chief guests at the audio release function of Pasanga. Kamal described Pasanga as a change that the film industry has been waiting for, as children's film are a rarity these days. He also stressed that producers and media must be more forthcoming in producing and promoting children's films that depict issues facing them. Kamal shared the stage with his guru, music veteran Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna.

When asked about his views on Slumdog Millionaire (SM), Kamal said that it is a victory only for A.R. Rahman as SM is not an Indian film. He also said that Director Danny Boyle shot the film in the slums of Mumbai; if people find such a portrayal offensive, then they must come forward and take efforts to change our country for the better, rather than just being armchair critics!

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Spring Favorites

Hey guys -

Sorry I disappeared for a while there, I blame it on working hard and having only 8 weeks left on my pregnancy.

Anywho, I haven't done a favorites post in a while, so here are some of my wedding favorites for spring 2009:

The new William Arthur collection at Wedding Paper Divas. There are letterpress and thermography options. I am loving the simplicity of the Winged Monogram design.

The Emily Elizabeth Jewelry Wishbone necklace. Love, love, love it for a bridesmaid gift. Couple it with a sweet note about future wishes for your friendship.

You guys know my love of Hanky Panky. Well how about a hanky panky something blue garter set? Divine!

Coren Moore's Lily style dress. I would love this even more in seersucker!

Oh and brides to be, you gotta check out ruelala on March 30. There is going to be a Nicole Miller bridal boutique and judging from their deals in the last few days, you better check it out.
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Honeymoon Recap: Tigre

While Tigre isn't really in Buenos Aires city, it's in the BA province and you'll most likely go as a day trip. It wasn't actually on the top of our list of places to visit, but after all the stress of the first few days of our honeymoon we needed something relaxing, where I wasn't looking over my shoulder every five seconds. So we decided that a day trip to Tigre would fit the bill, and it ended up being one of our favorite days in Argentina.

To get there, I recommend taking the subway to the Retiro station. When you get to Retiro follow the signs from the subway station to the train station and buy a train ticket to Tigre. The train ride takes around a half hour and is very interesting if you like seeing how people live in the suburbs. It's actually a fascinating mix of shacks, old mansions, and regular people houses. You'll get to see lots of graffiti art as well, if you're into that sort of thing (which we are).

When you arrive at the Tigre station (the last stop on the line), if you walk straight out of the station and down the street you will see the boat docks on your left. There are many boat options in Tigre including catamaran eco-tours, not so eco-tours, kayak rentals, and the water taxi. If you go into the tourist center they will help you pick a tour and figure out when they run. The problem with the tours (for us) is that while they may go further into the delta they don't actually stop at any of the islands. So for something like 50cents each we decided to just hop on one of the water taxis.
I actually assumed that the really amazing old wood boats must be tour boats, and that the water taxis would be something ugly, but the wood ones are the taxis. That made me really really happy. Because the taxis are mainly stopping at private islands, you want to make sure and get on one that will take you to a place you can get off. We decided on Tres Bocas, because it seemed the easiest. But that taxi wasn't leaving for an hour so we walked around Tigre a bit.

The actual town of Tigre didn't really excite me. It seemed to be mostly tourist shops and then the amusement park and casino. The Tigre Market is similarly packed with shops selling nicknack's and not a whole lot of food or other things you might want at a market if you actually lived there.

When we got back to the dock it was really hard to tell exactly what boat we were getting on. I recommend annoying the hell out of the man who works on the dock by asking him every time a boat pull up if it's yours. Unless you are smarter than us and can figure out a way to tell what boat is going where.

The views from the taxi were amazing. There are stunningly beautiful old rowing clubs lining the river, funny campgrounds that we promised we'd spend a night at if we ever go back to Argentina, and lots of funky old river houses. The taxi stops frequently, but you'll know when you get to Tres Bocas (it's where the other tourists get off). Once you are there, you can eat at one of the few places to grab a bite. We went to the place right off the boat, because we wanted to eat on the water. While the food wasn't amazing, it was nice to be able to hang out and watch people on the river. Plus there were cute puppies running around that took a liking to me.

I may or may not have lured them all under my table with french fries. Paul was pretty sure I got diseases from them, but I seem to be doing okay.

After we ate we walked around the island. Which is basically all there is to do here. No shopping, no museums, just walking.
It's pretty swampy in the delta, so wear shoes you don't mind getting muddy.

I loved all the houses. Each one was totally different in its own funky way. And there were flowers everywhere. I kind of went insane sniffing them all.

Those red roses were my favorite. I'm not normally a rose person, but those are the best smelling roses I've ever laid my nose on. Mmmm. I spent a good long time trying to figure out if I could propagate a clipping while traveling through Argentina. The answer to that is no--so now I have a lovely dried clipping of the rose.

When you are ready to leave the island head back to the dock. They will give you a schedule of when the taxis back to Tigre happen, but it didn't seem to us that they were actually on time. You might have to wait a bit at the dock, but again, it's pretty so it doesn't seem like such a hardship.
When you get back to Tigre, just head back to the station and do the reverse of how you got there. Again, Retrio is the end of the line on the way back, so if you fall asleep, they'll likely kick you off when you get there. Then again, if you fall asleep you may not have your bag anymore, so I'd force yourself to stay awake, though it can be difficult after a day on the river.

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Honeymoon Recap: San Telmo, BA

I'm not really sure what the best way to go about explaining our honeymoon is. We were gone for three weeks, so a lot happened and my memory of the trip is sort of blurry (due to the traumatic events that started it off and my subsequent fear of taking pictures in public).

So...I think I'll just pick places we went and do a quick write-up of each area.

First off--San Telmo. The loft we stayed in (the one I gushed about in my previous post) was located in San Telmo. We stayed there a week, so we spent a lot of time walking around the neighborhood.

San Telmo is one of the older neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. It's supposedly the home of tango, but there is a lot more going on there than just dancing. In fact, one of the things that we didn't due in Argentina was go tango dancing.

Have I mentioned that I was sort of paranoid about going out at night after being robbed our first night? I should point out that while San Telmo sort of gets a bad rap in terms of pickpocketing and other crime, I did not get robbed in San Telmo. I was robbed in Palermo SoHo--the fancy schmancy neighborhood! But walking around San Telmo at night actually felt relatively safe--on par with walking around San Francisco at night.

Our Picks in San Telmo


Cafe San Juan- Cafe San Juan is a family-run, family-friendly restaurant that serves very high-quality food in a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is open to the kitchen so you can see the skate bumper stickers all over the fridge and the cooks wearing backwards baseball caps while they cook your amazingly delicious rabbit (or whatever you decide to order). They are cash only, which we didn't realize until we arrived, and since there isn't an ATM nearby we didn't go all out here and ended up sharing an entree to make sure we had enough money to pay for our meal. We had a momentary panic when our shared entree came out with two full portions of the rabbit (we spent a good five minutes freaking out, trying to decide whether something we said in our broken Spanish could have been interpreted as us both ordering the same thing). Turns out they just split their portions very, very generously!
Highly recommend!

Don Ernesto-A casual, but super high-energy, parrilla that seems to cater to both locals and tourists. For the quality of the food, the prices here are amazing. The steak, sausage, salad, and potatoes we ordered here totaled around $30 US, with wine. It's nothing fancy, but it's a steak house, so that's kind of refreshing.

The best $5 Steak I've ever had.

Los Loros-We had our first meal in Argentina at Los Loros--pre-robbery--so I had a wonderful time here. It's a nicer restaurant with prices that match (but will still seem insanely reasonable compared to US prices). The food is elegant and fresh. I'd imagine that if this were in the US they'd be selling it as a seasonal food sort of place. It's got a nice bistro feel and the atmosphere is upscale without seeming at all stuffy. You could show up in jeans and a tee-shirt and nobody would bat an eye.

Outside Origen on a beautiful night

-This is my favorite lunch and light meal stop in San Telmo. The pizzas and salads are highly recommended. And the food is organic. Very casual with outdoor seating that's kind of wonderful on a spring night.

Pride Cafe-We ate breakfast at Pride Cafe several times while in San Telmo. People in Argentina don't seem to eat breakfast. And they don't take their coffee to go. So knowing about tiny little Pride Cafe was essential to us not having to cook or eat medialunas for breakfast every morning. The food is good, the coffee is excellent, and the staff is really nice. Also, if it's not obvious, they are a GLBT shop so if you are looking for local info on that scene, this is a great resource.


El Federal-This seems to be the go-to place for a beer and a snack in San Telmo. Every guidebook talks about it and it always seemed busy. While I liked the look of the place--it's old and funky--the food was boring and the service was terrible. People all around us were having trouble getting the waiter's attention after sitting for very very long periods of time. And while I don't assume that every waiter in Argentina should know English, this place caters to tourists and this guy seemed annoyed as get-out that we were struggling with the menu. I'd go with a group for a beer or something.

This is why people love El Federal.

-I love this place. Yes, after getting robbed I was seeking out people I could talk to--and loads of people here speak English (including the Englishman owner). But it's also just a nice, fun pub. Great selection of beer, fun atmosphere, and great pub food.


Mercado De San Telmo-While the Sunday market is a big to-do, the permanent market in the center of San Telmo is also worth visiting. There are several antique stands up daily, lots of food stalls, and other odds & ends. I bought antique buttons here. Lots and lots of buttons.

Feria De San Telmo-The Sunday market is like a craft fair, an antique fair, a market, a series of parades and a music festival all combined into one event. It's amazing. Start early, go all day. I didn't want to leave. It seemed like every time we got tired a new drum group went past and lured us in. Or we found another street of stalls and music we hadn't walked down.

I wish I knew how to get the video I took of this guy off my camera and onto my computer (it's still on there). His marionette show was fabulous and hilarious.

Plaza Dorrego-If you want to see Tango just hang out near the Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo. People perform almost all day long and offer lessons. The woman we rented the apartment from also recommended Torquato Tasso for Tango in San Telmo.

The street art in San Telmo is amazing. One of our favorite things to do was to just walk around looking at it. Though I was mostly afraid to take pictures, as taking a picture of street art is how I got us robbed at gunpoint (did I mention that we were robbed?).

So that's about that. There is a ton of shopping to be done in San Telmo (both at the markets and in shops), but I imagine that you know your own style better than me, so I'm not going to name names. Lots of antique shops, artsy housewares type places, and all sorts of clothing stores. Oh, and stores that sell baby deer chairs.

I kind of love them because I'm a bad, bad person.

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The Honeymoon Returns

While I normally consider myself somewhat of a homebody, I've been having major wanderlust lately. Actually, I kind of blame the start of my wanderlust on the last day of our honeymoon. While we were waiting for our plane back to the states, we hung out with a newfound friend in Buenos Aires--watched a polo game from her roof, ate good food, and mingled with lots of expats and another young couple who spend half their year traveling.

While the reality of me living internationally is that after a few months I'd be crying on a daily basis needing to see my family, I have to admit I'm a little jealous of the expats and the perpetually traveling couple. It hasn't helped that I became Facebook friends with several of the people involved and have spent the las four months watching them explore Argentina. I want to go somewhere. Dang house and dog.

So, as a way to put to good use the moping and dreaming that I've been doing about wanting to go somewhere (but not being able to), I figured I'd post a bit more about our honeymoon.

So to start with, I already posted a bit about our stay in Buenos Aires and Iguazu. I'll write more, but that's a place to start if you haven't already read those posts.
One thing I've had several questions about is the loft we rented in Buenos Aires. I don't blame you guys--it was amazing. The building is beautiful. It's in a great location. The loft itself is funky and comfortable. It's a great deal. And the people who rent it will quickly become your friends (if you want that). Who do you think we hung out with the last day we were in Argentina?

I feel strangely territorial about it. Which I think is testament to the fact that as soon as you walk in the door it feels like home. That explains why the traveling couple I wrote about spent the last four months living there (they moved in right after we left), although I think they planned on staying about half that much time.

If the loft is booked, they also have a new pad in the same building. It looks wonderful and is slightly larger than the loft.

Both are $400 US/week (I think), a great deal when you price out how much a nice hotel would cost.

So scram! Go! Book the loft!

(me making a sad face)

And tell Angela that Paul and Katie said Hi!

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