FOTO WIDY VIERRAArtist's full name Widy Soediro Nichlany looking photographing himself and accompanied by a man seen only minimal wear brown, while the guy who was beside him seemed flanking the neck without wearing Widi

Circulation of hot photos Widy Soediro, vocalist Vierraa group, it makes parents furious. In fact, these photographs have long made and known by the parents Widy.

"But when the subject of preaching, they feel disturbed. They asked me to keep personal items I was right. Moreover, today's Internet world is emerging," said Widy when found in Studio Penta, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, Thursday (4 / 6).

Widy further said that if his extended family asked him to not do that again. After the image is outstanding, Widy claims began to be careful. Moreover, the current very tight family watching the activity.

"Yes, my family just simply give advice especially with my ex. We had already discussed this issue. But I do not know why it could supply," he explained.

It is so far no impact of the circulation of the photograph of him. Moreover, he was never a headache thinking about the image.