Chinese girls impression in the eyes of foreign men

In a gathering, a foreign man, a Chinese girl that he has encountered the world's most open, most ambitious girls. We have always maintained that we are subtle, introverted, shy and reserved. how can suddenly become "the world's most open girls"? If I want to make a girlfriend, I will not find bars -- Robert, aged 24, Americans, I have been to China for two years. The girl, found in the United States than in many Chinese girls are modern, open. I like modern girls, girls with personality too traditional Chinese exchange more difficult. I like those who graduated from university, the girls have several years of work experience, because they are us. Independent, smart enough. The Chinese girls had just graduated from the University of often simple-minded, like the United States, like high school girls. I am surprised is that the girls do not focus on men's appearance, but by the strength So often seen in the streets of the big age gap between the lovers together, Basically because there are not so young men of strength. This is not mirrored in the lovers in the United States will be ridiculed by others. When we do not want others to the "father" or "big brother." I saw a lot of special opening of the Chinese girls. They like to get to know foreigners. In the bars, they will take the initiative to say hello to me, I invite them to drink a glass of wine, I told them to put their mobile phone numbers. This is inconceivable in the United States. If I asked the girls to meet their mobile phone numbers and will eat them slap in the face. I think these Chinese girls are particularly stupid because they think if men do not see their purpose. In fact, they deal with those foreign men are also used to achieve the purpose of their own purpose. If I wish to seriously make China a girlfriend, I will ask my colleagues, to introduce it to my friends, and not to bars. Foreign men are legs wallet? -- Lutz, a 26-year-old German, a large engineering company in Germany, China branch attachment. China Before, I almost know nothing about here. I liked Zhang Yimou's film, I think particularly beautiful wood, in the past I have in mind the Chinese girl is like that. There is a certain gap between reality and imagination always, I now can be divided into several categories : traditional Chinese girls : Such girls are often moderate, introverted men, especially Western men have very wary. If you praise them beautiful clothing, they will Gongzhelian path. They would like to eat, Paoba is a very difficult task. Westernization-girl character : such a cheerful and loving communication. In addition to color, and girls have not much different from the West. They can readily accepted our invitation to join us out dancing, travel, will be with us for many trivial quarrel. Many Chinese female colleagues around I belong to this type. Utilitarian : I do not think it will be in China encountered so many utilitarian type of girls. And Western-difference is that these girls are particularly active, but you ask her out two or three times, so she put your girlfriend I hope you said even with her marriage. There are some for other purposes, for example, she went abroad as collateral to help her in finding a school abroad, find shelter and so forth. They have legs of men as the wallet. I did not like the girls, I do not think that men like this girl. I know some girls do Western men take advantage of the psychological trouble, we detest such acts. I hope more Chinese girls have some self-protection awareness, not to easily believe others. Whoever has the best utilitarian girls -- Bill, a 31-year-old Norway, the European electromechanical group in Beijing a responsible person. I come to China to work for five years. I think China is a very competitive country, university graduates immediately encountered great pressure on the money. Norway is not the case, people are very lazy because of our country's social security system is too perfect. So we have become lazy. I like to work, so I prefer this to the young people of China stands a chance of creating the environment. Chinese girl with the boys, have a very strong desire to earn money. I had contacts over two Chinas girlfriend, and they all have my colleagues. They work very hard and often, like overtime, after work diligently preparing to go to Europe to study the examination. They found there is a resilience and strength, I really admire them. When it comes to any shortcomings of the Chinese girls, I think they are relatively simple knowledge among most people, geography, chatting with them when they found "a bit silly." China has a lot of beautiful girls in particular, it is actually empty-headed, but they are very satisfied with this. We prefer European men and girls are intelligent, interesting, a personality, all these attributes together, give the appearance of a less talented girls are very attractive. The utility said that special kind of girl, I have experienced a lot in many Asian countries. On the surface they seem very refined, but I think they are extremely naive, They think that the Western open men like women. So they looked on their efforts so that the opening to win their favor, and to achieve their objectives. Several among them could achieve his goal?

Chinese girls in the bitter experience of Japan AV

Because of vanity, I jab themselves into a flush Japanese AV Girls. Wake up, I finally know that women can have no money, but there must be dignity. Tokyo : The eye really is a shopping paradise oral! Stand Ginza like "transparent" fashion building, I was completely shocked. Tokyo is the most sparkling with jewels and treasure; lot here, like Paris, the Champs-Elysees, the Fifth Avenue in New York. Layout window extremely extravagant, greedy to the exclusion of everything else, I felt deflated air bags themselves. Window shopping can enjoy the visual feast at the thought of living in substandard apartments , I closed their eyes in pain. Can I came to Japan is aimed at the poor suffer? I was born in a city the temptation Huahua favorable conditions for families looked attractive, well-toned body. Meirenpeizi is recognized, a small force of inertia, a bit arrogant personality, Mrs boyfriend is my first love, the University senior, He is the most tolerant of the shortcomings of my men, so he went to Japan to study, I soon for a school procedures. Before my father once a credit card, there are one hundred thousand dollars, can be overdrawn. But Mrs I read that the money be left to graduate, he is responsible for day-to-day expenses. Although the study said Mrs very hard, a lot of part-time, they are barely able to make ends meet, but When Mrs me from the airport to greet him when he returned home, I was still taken aback : cramped, dark Japanese-style bedroom. asleep broken pedals meters, the room smelling of dark tea, rooms of a cockroach crawling out from time to time. I lost time on silly. Japan beginning, I did not understand the Japanese, the school did not apply, I was extremely depressed. Mrs mostly, but also wage His return is late in the night. Every day I had to eat their own cooking at home, Mrs economic constraints, only afford to buy chicken and noodles, broth finds little water every day, days of boredom is meaningless. To kill time, I walk out on the day, but the prosperity to march in the streets, watching the streets of the modern girl. Assembly Sparks, could not have been my heart, despite the discouraging Mrs using his father's credit card to rent a house renovation money. crazy to buy top brands trend jewelry, it was soon spent 50,000 dollars. I was Mrs reprehensible "random" and my father got bills after declaring the freezing of accounts graduate until I read so far declared. Loss of economic support, I disappears stand in the Ginza, downtown streets, Suddenly, I saw a man dressed in the fashion of the road, I can speak Japanese, pressing, I looked at him either way. Speaking on handbags Lane pulls out of the Japanese, coupled with simple English dialogue with him. I know who he is, the more enthusiastic. It turned out that he was a scouting artists that I am doing the capital. Heard him say this work is not tired, but high reward, I am a bit hesitant to follow the beautiful building where he went to see a whole floor of his office. I wary completely eliminated. He leading to a graceful girl out on a retreat. This has led to a fashionable girls golden brown curly hair, the makeup of a refined, wearing the emerald green mini skirts I read a long time in silence, even talked about the Mandarin : "I come from Shanghai. Japan named Medica. You really want a good film? ?AV than Qingshaipian also revealed, betray your dignity and soul. "I immediately Aizhu, Tokyo unholy alliance is a civilized city. how such a petty job, I feel a great insult to pick up the handbag ran away. Soon, I better apply for a Japanese school students from all over the world, often the same shopping and shopping are very generous. My credit card is still frozen, was more modest in comparison. I began to mentally unbalanced, often finding fault with Mrs bickering Mrs intolerable proposed breaking up : "Originally, went away to study very hard, so you have a vanity. leave your house. I move out. "I immediately fly yelled : "I moved! Like someone told you this place! "I quickly settled down to six luggage Korean students moved to a luxury apartment rental. I was surprised to find out that her family is not rich, but she is doing "enjo kosai." I face a challenge, she nonchalant said : "The health of women can return to enjoy the material, be saved money. After coming back no one knows. If working hard to rely on, if not at home? mixed. yo, your skin is also good…… "I destroyed her extended by hand, tuned to the race call to return to their house. I want to lay in bed for a long time, watching the increasingly being rubbed the surface of the sheets, I ask themselves : "What are you going to angry? No money means no life, no pretty clothes, eating the food unpalatable. Maiden physically you have to love the MRS, which is enough! "But I was born Elegant family We should cut across the traditional Chinese concept, I really contradictory. Intense thought a week, done that "enjo kosai" too dirty, making permanent AV male actor. but protective measures paid handsome. Each new film will get two million yen (about 120,000 yuan), the most popular Red jumped well. double reward will be doubled up. Japan has no acquaintances anyway, the film is also not traditional Chinese, I feel a little bit of the itch. When I entered it again between AV studio, I sing to explore the warm hospitality. I decided to take a look at the film before deciding Medica filmed. However, it faces the stark images jump out, I staggering, fires shame, but they have hinted at Arizona, I have never seen these films in the domestic, sexual experiences from Mrs see AV Girls satisfaction I suddenly lost a bit. I won shriveled empty wallet, watch their muscles clothes, finally agreed that the contract was signed, a Japanese name of "Hong Eto," took an advance of 500,000 yen. I walk out of the building, first hand stopped at the taxi and go straight to the living room with the former Mrs silent farewell to the past and, since then, I was no longer that of the AV Girls Eto Hong Xiaoniu eye of the pure Chinese. Suffering no money, I force on this path. The first shooting pain in the first shooting scene I will never forget. They let me wear the uniform of the Japanese schoolgirl, the plot is a labor of love and male teachers. Although I Guzuliaoyongqi, bright red in the illness, I still retreat, Some also take part in the shooting of a man it is not bad, but there was a kind of kick the feeling that but I can not make love with strangers and immediately accept. I caught in a corner and shivering, tightly gripping shoulders of weeping, Medica over comfort me, "Since choice, we should boldly face! "I left tearful eyes and holding their heads with her eyes filled with sympathy and concern. Yes, it is not my choice? I have spent all of the deposit was simply no choice. Fifteen minutes later, other officers WITH Medica, cameras and left the scene a man, I deeply drew a breath. Yingpeng entered in Yingpeng closed by the moment, I knew I had been kicked in the soul and dignity of the foot. This happens to be my shy immature AV needs, the shooting went off smoothly. When the cameramen when he set out, I think is very difficult to accept. I revel with his beaming smile but also the expression, I felt a rush of nausea, vomiting up. I am not tired of that character, but that might just shoot other bars first. Gradually, I began to enjoy the job, when a man began to stroke AV my body, I will not resist. begun to be relaxed, more RMB gradually lost its self-…… AV idols as long as they are in uniform. regardless of what moves are performed, can arouse men's sexual fantasies. My Concubine faceBeside good physical Sweden's face was very fortunate that quickly leapt red. In order to maintain excitement, I shot a sexy pictorial for the studios, has also filmed several AV. I turn every one has the value of 10 million yen (600,000 yuan). I moved into the Ginza, the most luxurious apartment in the upmarket access to various establishments began to buy most of the dress trend, as big spenders. In Japan, the spread of culture is staggering, and they will not be discriminated against AV girls, but was courted by many people. I was surprised to discover that there are many Chinese girls AV girls, like me, a Japanese name on the starting side. Moreover, companies will protect your private information. I consider myself lucky, it was a lot in a year, was listed as "most men's sexual fantasies Nu:you" 12. All this, I am satisfied, and indeed not tired, has been the greatest degree of sexual satisfaction can be a lot of reward. do not need to worry about the disease, such glamorous life, then let me fall. I just did not enjoy the back sides of an extravagant life, Mrs found my home. Mad rushed to the string, he looked at me to resentment, Lane covered red and bloodshot eyes, as if to keep out fire roared loudly : "Why? "Then suddenly thrown to the two ringing slap in the face :" I can see your albums. You actually is the most recent Red AV Girls! "I watched his face red, his eyes filled with tears. I leap out into the Huai tightly hug, cry! "I have been well, so you……" have a voice choked with sobs, he could not go see, I got a great deal of satisfaction that he planted to take off, guaranteed to sneer : "none of your what, I am happy! not what I gave you. But I thank you, Let me see the beauty of Tokyo, as an AV Nu:you. "Mrs shocked to see me, to take a two-step. half of the day speechless. Two minutes later, he is gone, leaving bitterly : "You did not expect such a vain woman. ashamed to have them in Japan! "listening to the sound of the mountain was closed fall voice, I squat on the ground uncontrollably. disguised the firm, is so vulnerable. The next day I became ill and weak to lie on the bed, scarred hearts. Medica has come, sit quietly in my bed, for the first time, she ripped off her elegant face, heart-to-heart with me to dwell on : "AV girl performing a very short career, the girl will soon be replaced by newly you. You see, AV 1997, the most popular ice star pupil 2,550 head at night and worry that now have no impact on you begin to decline. think about the future! "Let me make it absolutely clear, then Medica, Yes, I used physical exchanged extravagant life. No Japanese directors, schools no longer apply. This kind of life is worth? Illnesses, I propose to the studios know about, since it has been losing slide, studios very readily agreed. Lose a high-income, I can move to a simple ordinary civilian, he planned to attend school and find work. Unexpectedly, I am going to-shore, but suffered a series of mishaps…… day. I did not find a day's work, in the evening, dragged his exhausted way back to the rental shed. After piece of remote woods, I was stopped by the Bad Teenagers 34. One of them actually recognize me is the Nu:you XXAV shoot, kick up to guffaw. My whole body become weak, hysterically crying for help, but the gang was still. I am not the police, but also keeps the police, I left down in tears patience. Come to an end, the dirty old man that neighbors should also attempted lewd me, I am angry and sad, Lane was sweating at night to sleep regularly. I feel very lonely, reward money has been squandered have nothing left, very much wish to return to China to start a new life. It reminds me of MRS, if Linzhuo fine needle spritzing drizzle, I came to the rental place. He opened doors livid touched. In front of him, I feel very ashamed, turning meters knelt or sat in the hot tears, a long time before finally blurting out : "I beg you to bring back, I have not spent one minute! "Mrs catalepsy, he looked at me and hesitant, they do not ask questions. just quietly handed towels to dry, let me wipe away hair and body, and she flatly refused, saying : "wait a week to get a graduation certificate. I will take you back. "as a promise made, I thank the Road to him tired, the time behind closed doors. I saw Mrs eyes glistened with tears over…… aircraft finally left Tokyo to fly to China. Mrs I sat around, he also did not say a word or even look up to me abnormal. To the capital airport, Mrs help me put the baggage of those luxuries, I sent in the face of indifference sighed and said : "You hesitate, my responsibility is finished, I walked! "He decisively walked away watched him go away in the back of my tears overwhelming, I scarred, I got nothing. I only have the professional experience AV girls.

This is a Chinese pretty Red clothes girl, pristine ~ ~

In such a girl, and she wanted to see you making love to marry her wife, oh, so popular .



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