Together Beaded Butterfly Dress

Vintage-inspired georgette dress with beaded butterfly appliques, sequin-trimmed drop waist and asymmetric hem. 31 from waist at longest point. Polyester. Fully lined. Dry clean. Imported.

Together Beaded Butterfly Dress

Need Image Editor?

If you are in the midst of crisis to edit the image or picture, but not a single software image installed on your computer and you have at this time is only an internet access? whether the trial or freeware application to your computer and use it? The answer is Image Editor/Picture Editor.

Sometimes these problems often appear only for those of you who want to use image or picture editor as necessary without need to install this application on your computer, because you do not use it continuously, can be rare. When web 2.0 trend developing in the year 2007 many applications a web application that can be use for the desktop, such as picture editor, for this you do not need any software installed on your computer than a web browser, here's some image editor/picture that you can use in web.


Digital Photo Frame ; Samsung Digital Photo Frame SPF-83V

Although less rapidly than other manufacturers, Samsung, known as the monitor in the world number one eventually introduce Digital Photo Frame to its newest. In addition to design and screen clarity, digital photo frames Samsung already has wi-fi capability and as a mini-monitor to accompany your PC. Series SPF-83V to be a product of two digital photo frames Samsung's most feature complete, as it has provided a wireless connection wi-fi, which makes this player as a mini web screen. 


SPF-83V has a 8 inch screen is very clear. This screen looks perfect when viewed from different angles and slope. The body is white with a layer of glass makes it look luxurious. In the back, than there are speakers, there are half a hole that the ball is a buffer that is unique, can be installed and driven with a flexible, almost 360 degrees. 

Photo frame provides a connection to the input of the media be regarded complete, because in addition to providing 5-in-1 built-in card reader, also have a USB port and miniUSB. Card reader can be used to read CompactFlash (CF), MultiMedia Card (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick and xD-Picture Card. If you use a flash disk, you can enter it into the USB port standard, and if you want to connect the player with your PC-connect the data cable to the PC with the miniUSB port. Although the speaker provided a voice loud enough, if you want to enjoy them in private-player you can connect with earphone, as provided in the back of the 3.5mm jack port.

Malware in Samsung Digital Photo Frame weeks ago has warned customers that run on Windows XP that the Samsung digital photo frames sold in the end of this month has been the malware in the driver installation CD. has a customer to post the report week ago in the forum are online retailers. In a note to customers, said product is a digital photo frame Samsung SPF-85H, a digital photo frame 8 inch, was sold in October with the start price $ 150. However, regarding the case, now Samsung SPF-85H is no longer at 

However, Samsung has provided a solution ( / ca / Samsung_Products / IT / Support / hotoFrame_Virus_XP P / Support_PhotoFrame_Virus_XP_EN.pdf) on 27 November, the five models and register the image frame that has been infected, SPF-75H, SPF -76H, SPF-85H, SPF-85P and SPF-105P. According to Samsung, batch photo frame driver CD contains software viruses in the Frame Manager, and this is the risk that the PC can be infected with a worm virus. 

However, Samsung does not specify how the malware is in the CD or can be out of the quality control checks from Samsung. Amazon identify malware digital photo frame is a worm "W32.Sality.AE", the worm found by Symantec Corp.. Meanwhile, the security company McAfee Inc. and Trend Micro Inc. have found the same malware "W32/Sality" and "Troj_Agent.xoo" in Samsung's product. Symantec says that once pro-malware program is installed, then, at once akan download code 'evil', which directly attack the PC. 

Amazon recommends that users who buy a Samsung photo frame must download and update the Frame Manager edition of Windows XP is a new site from Samsung. While for the digital photo frame versions of Vista are still not detected.

Digital Photo and Picture Frame from Transcend PF810

Transcend has been upgrading PF810 digital picture frame, with features LED lit menu touchscreen interface, and comes in black and white, with the price $ 196 plus one-year warranty. Hardware Transcend digital photo frame PF810 is not only beautiful, but also the point of view of image formed in a slideshow format, making it easier for users to play music and video files in various formats such as when listening to the radio station.

Transcend digital photo and picture frame PF810 has a display size of 8 inch (4:3) and resolution color TFT LCD panel is quite high, also the size of the frame dimensions of 230mm x 180mm x 31mm, plus weight of approximately 540g. Frame is equipped with stereo speakers built-in and headphone jack to view photos with background music accompaniment from the radio or MP3. Facilities are added audio out L / R stereo speakers with a voltage of each 1.5w, and 3.5mm headphone Jack. For more music format support to MP3, WMA (Non-DRM) and WAV.

Flash memory is in the Transcend PF810 this with 2GB, and USB also support memory card SD / SDHC / MMC / MS / CF. Video formats including MPEG1 / 4 (SP / ASP), Motion JPEG. (AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4, 3GP, speed up to 30FPS). FM radio built-in is also supported by the radio station presets and full motion video playback. 

Users can select multiple images to one-step transfer to internal memory in digital photo and picture frame. There is also a slideshow, thumbnail, picture, motionless, and zoom-in, plus the frame decoration theme for decorations and animated images. PF810 also features the date of the reminder, clock, alarm, calendar, power on / off automatically, sleep timer, alarm clock customize the song from the radio or MP3.

Best 10 Software Photo Editing

Often you simply edit the photo as a hobby, or work everyday? I prefer software that you use, using Photoshop CS 4, Corel Paint, Ulead PhotoImpact, or ACDSee Photo Editor? Overall it depends on the ability and you prefer not. The software of course has advantages and disadvantages of each based on the completeness of features, plugins, compatibility, of the output and of course price.

Following top ten list of photo editing software according

  1. Adobe Photoshop Elements
  2. Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo
  3. Serif PhotoPlus
  4. Ulead PhotoImpact
  5. ACDSee Photo Editor
  6. PhotoSuite
  7. FotoFinish Suite
  8. Photo Explosion
  9. PhotoImpression
  10. PhotoStudio

Full template and decoration with ZC Dream Photo Editor 2009.1.10

Full template and decoration: Photos while celebrating Idul Fitri holiday has the impression of a means for you. Often results catapult your digital camera to print in a paper that can be viewed without passing through the camera or PC. However, if you print them without memolesnya first, the image will look pedestrian. Through this one program, you can create a collection of photos can be seen more interesting.

ZC Dream Photo Editor 2009 work to make a collage of several photos that you have. With this program, you need not be bothered to set up the layout of the photographs are available for a variety of templates in it. So, you put an image in accordance with the layout of the template you select. If you want to set the location of their own governance through without a template, the program can give freedom to you. To increase the attractiveness of the image, ZC Dream Photo Editor also includes more than 200 mask, 100 types of flower decoration, 110 cartoons, 50 icon, and 187 frames in various categories. Although it has no effects to process the image, with the addition of objects ornament before, of course, you can view photos make more "gay" again. However, if you manually create a collage, lack of image effects, of course, little can affect the design you create. To inform the situation and atmosphere in the photo, you can also create text in it. Unfortunately, the effect to the text also does not have at all. Thus, the text that appears will be visible to ordinary-ordinary course can be designed without the more interesting again.

This program is so easy to use. Menus and buttons in the function organized so that the location easy to reach. Each section in the main page can also set the location. So, if you feel that the preview is too small, you can replace its perimeter to be dilated with the mouse. Results from this program you can make wallpaper or save it as your picture. The program only supports four popular picture formats (other than the format itself), namely, JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF.

Digital Photo Frame with Full DVD Player

Play the DVD in the computer, always,, In the DVD player, the more normal again ... How is that practical? he is. Digital picture frames (digital photo frame) that is equipped with a DVD player. Products from LG DP889 is given a name. A screen-sized 8-inch LCD with the technology was not relieved to see the movie. But for the size of the image frame, the size of this already sizable.

Location of the DVD player is located behind this screen photo or picture frame. Like the withdrawal on the cassette tape walkman first time. You can watch this DVD content to 3.5 hours before batereinya exhausted. If you want the sound even more awesome, you can add extra sound to the DVD player through this slot is available. LG DP889 also has a 3in1 MMC slot, compatibility with USB flash and the MSRP (Message Session Relay Protocol). A picture frame with the latest technology will be sold at this price $ 279.95.

LCD Monitor Eizo Nanao FlexScan with Power Saving Technology

Eizo Nanao Japanese manufacturer of LCD monitors out 2 new model 23-inch FlexScan EV2303W and 20-inch FlexScan EV2023W. Monitor TCO certificate is obtained Display 5.0 and received an award from the value of EPEAT Gold. 

FlexScan EV2023W and EV2023W has some features, but there is one the most good for the power saving technology. FlexScan EV2023W and have EV2023W sensor indicator on the object in front of a monitor. When the monitor is used then the sensor will turn on a monitor, but if the user does not have to go so that the object in front of the monitor screen will turn off system power. 

Eizo use EcoView sensing technology for power saving system, to detect the computer.

Beamer FX Videophone : Easy Videophone and Show digital pictures

Beamer FX ™ instantly adds video to your phone connection, and also the facility to display digital photos directly from memory cards.

Beamer FX provides easy to see that people care about you via telephone. In addition to functioning as a videophone, Beamer FX can also display digital photos langung from memory cards, so you always meresa close to the people who care about the tone. Beamer FX will also have the same feature with all models Beamer. 

  * Works with all home phone (cordless or cable). 
  * Works with all fixed telephone network. 
  * No additional equipment. 
  * No service fees, contracts or registration. 
  * No additional charge for telephone conversations and video. 

With the additional feature that is unique from the Beamer FX is: 

  * Save the image in digital Beamer FX's internal memory 
  * Send and receive digital pictures between Beamer FXs 

Additional Features Beamer FX 'is a digital picture frame can display pictures directly from digital memory cards with the easy way with the videophone facilities. 

  * No special wiring 
  * No special adapter 
  * No Internet connection 
  * No web-based services

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Dewi Persik Picture; Indonesian Popular Artist

Dewi known as Pentas tembang Stars. The name itself is given by peach manajernya, Mr. Yogi, so that his career is shining like the peach fruit in China is considered as the fruit of fortune. Who has ever stars by dewi, among others, and Manis Legend EPS. Nyi Ronggeng. Dewi career but not always mulus. The famous Dewi with a rocking start 'gergaji' get criticism over panggungnya the 'seronok' action, and the clothes and less strict. Dewi is a peak time after completing a birthday event was held in the TPI Istora Senayan, 23 January 2008. Dewi breast suddenly be touched by a man. When the Dewi wear white tank top with a black strip. Before touching the breast Dewi, man-stealing is fraudulent surreptitious pictures breast Dewi handphone with a camera at this busy section 'pedangdut interviewed'. Gen. breast Dewi who became public consumption is not the first new case. In 2005, the turbulence tottery too 'hot' at an event SCTV, breast Dewi participate swell. Genesis that only lasted a few seconds.

Olga Lydia Picture and Photo Actrees

Sexy Olga Lydia

Indonesian Photo and Artist Picture


Olga Lydia (born in Jakarta, 4 December 1976; age 32 years) was a model, of the event, and the descendants of Chinese actress Indonesia. He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering Parahyangan University, Bandung in 1994, and has a high dn 171 cm weight 47 kg. Olga initiated his career as a catwalk model, ads and video clips. He never appears in the video clip Boomerang, Stanley Sagala, caffeine and gods. Events as it appears in The Other, graceful (Trans TV), Automotive (TV7), A1 (Global TV), and the Republic of Samsung World Dream (Metro TV).

Boys 'n Beer

While the ladies were busy getting prettied up, sipping mimosas and admiring the flowers, the boys were enjoying a beer at a local pub. This was actually our photographers idea :) She teams up with her now hubby: Lucas. So while Melissa was with us, Lucas was off with the boys.

This one makes me laugh because hubby is so not a cell phone guy. In fact he finds it kind of rude when someone's cell goes off during a meal…and even more annoyed when they answer it and start talking at the table! We have one pay as you go phone that is reserved for trips back to Ontario…it assists with the chaos that are those trips, but other than that we are cell phone free (although I would LOVE an iPhone ;P)

I think it's kind of nice when the guys get some one on one photographer time ;)

My Pretty Posies

I loved my flowers. They were beautiful. Leanne from LSP Designs created all of our personal flowers. My sister, sister-in-laws and mother-in-law and I teamed up to do the flower centerpieces (more on that later), but the rest was left of to LSP Designs.

My bouquet was made up of all whites and creams. Roses, freesia, and peonies. It smelled so pretty:

I'd originally requested roses, ranunculus, peonies and lily of the valley. Ranunculus and lily of the valley were not available at that time in June…but I was just as happy with what I ended up with (need to be flexible Brides!...we can try to control a lot, but not nature!). Two out of four isn't bad, right?

The Groom wore a white/cream freesia bout:

Each Bridesmaid carried a grouping of a single white bloom with chartreuse orchids to match the Groomsmen's boutonnières:

This is where a little bit of miscommunication happened. I *thought I'd made the final decision of each 'maid JUST carrying a white single bloom - and not mixed with chartreuse orchids. But, the flowers arrived with the orchids, and I thought they were pretty. No biggie really…the green really made them pop against the navy dresses :)

The Groomsmen and MC wore the chartreuse orchids:

And the Father of the Bride wore a cream/white orchid:

Other personal flowers we requested were as follows:

-2 alter arrangements:
I LOVED the alter arrangements. I really DID NOT want the flowers to look like funeral flowers. Please, no, no, no. And although my florist didn't really think it was necessary to have flowers up there (the Cathedral already had a lot to look at), I really wanted to have something. So she came up with branches and green hydrangea in the large white vases. We loved the look and it was pretty frugal to boot!

-Unity candle flowers:
I remember that they were beautiful…but it's is too bad that they didn't get reused. The plan was to bring the alter arrangements and the unity candle back to the reception venue…but we forgot. It was kind of a last minute thing and for some reason I felt rushed after the ceremony…even though I don’t think I needed to be.

-12 pew bows:
They were a pretty addition to the pews…I think they also encourage people to sit closer to the front.

- A Program Attendant wristlet - Patrick's little cousin Olivia, she was so cute and did such a great job!:

-2 Grandmother wristlets:
My Granny - I requested some purple for her:

Patrick's Gramma:

-Flower Girl Wreath:
Absolutely adorable. I wasn't holding my breath that Alexis would be willing to wear it (after I've heard of other flower girls ripping them off before heading down the aisle). But she wore it and looked adorable. It was totally worth the extra funds.

-Ring Bearer Boutonnière

-Patrick's Grandpa's boutonnière:

-3 Godmother/Aunts wristlets & Godfather/Uncle boutonnière:

-2 Reader boutonnières.
One for my cousin Alexander:

And one for my big brother Kristopher (who's getting married on 10/10/2010!):

-Cake Flowers: The cake was exactly what I wanted, only it was decorated with the completely wrong colours. The lime green ribbon (provided by the baker) paired with the fuchsia orchids (provided by the florist) made it look like it belonged at a tropical wedding :P I was thinking for more of a grass green on a satin ribbon…I think she used grosgrain. I was also hoping for blush pink orchids…but now that I look back at it, I wish that I didn't have orchids at all. I love orchid plants…but I've learned that I don't love them as cut flowers.

That about sums up the personal flowers. The total came to just under $1000, which was generously paid for by my Dad (thanks Dad!). I'm still surprised we were able to get that many quality flowers and so beautifully arranged for that price. Well worth it!!!