Latest Unveiling - The New Typestyle Gallery

Exciting news (I told you there was more happening behind the secnes..) very shortly we will be unveiling the all new 'Typestyle Gallery' and it's going to be a great update. Watch out for the press releases coming soon.

Meanwhile I can give you a sneak preview. The update is all part of another exciting development which is very hush hush to do with a complete relaunch of our site, only I can't tell you that because it's under wraps for later! There's going to be all sorts of new features and tools coming which we're hoping will be a real wow with our clients. This first developement is coming as a taster.

The old typestyle tool you'll remember just had a displayer that showed glimpses of the text when you mouse over the links. That was great and worked well and let's face it you get far less than that on most sites, just a static page usually. But now we've gone one futher and the new gallery will display a full invitation all laid out and customers will be able to click links in the typestyle library panel and change the body text and the script for the names. This way you will be able to see exactly what your invitation will look like on screen and it's a fantastic way to choose your typestyles if you're not cetain what sort of feel you're after.

But in addition to this we've also introduced a 'Glyph' option which is completely new. There is a full library of Glyphs with more to come and if you click on one of the thumbnails a full size glyph is introduced to the invitation and they look great. The glyphs can also be enlarged and used as the main theme instead of an embossed design.

Not only all this but hopefully before Christmas our ink plugin will be put into the typestyle gallery so you can also change the ink color of the invitation text and glyphs and even select an embossed pattern style and see it on the screen. There's also something coming out with our relaunch that's really exciting but all I can tell you is customers will be able to dynamically add text to the'll have to work out the rest. Anyway keep your eye on the Typestyle page on our Willow Wood website the new tool is being launched any day now!

P.S. I nearly forgot, there four new typestyles being added to the gallery too.

Wedding Stationery Online Quotations

Our latest news is to announce the launch of our online quotation service. We always try to respond to what our customers would like to see and this newest addition to our website is set to be a real winner.

Although we're only just announcing the launch the service has been under testing for some time but since it was uploaded to the site a few weeks ago the quote pages have seen some of the highest traffic on which confirms our hunch.

You can find the online service by clicking this link Wedding Stationery Quotation then simply select a product and add different items from the range into the quote list and a running total will be displayed on the screen. The product range includes most of our stationery items icluding, invitations, reply cards, save the date cards, reception cards and thank you cards either flat or folded. I know some of you will want to know why our menu's and order of services don't appear but these items vary so greatly that we just can't publish items with set prices. But you know all you have to do is email us and within 24 hours you'll have a full quotation as long as you tell us exactly what you're looking for.
When you click on a product range a panel is displayed with the main items listed in the tabs and if you click a tab the item is displayed beneath with a clear graphic showing text, patterns and orientation as well as two option drop downs for either quatities letterpressed or quantities flat printed. Select your quantity and an add to quote button appears, if you click this the item will be added and the calculations performed. you can then add other items or remove items from your quote. You'll get a very accurate costing which every bride needs for planning the perfect wedding.
Enjoy the new service and please do let us know what you think, you know how important your feedback is to us.

Do Us A Wedding Favor...

Pink Ribbon Almond HolderWell, posts have been a bit scarce of late and we must apologise for that! The fact is Willow Wood is a very busy place and much has happened 'behind the scenes' as they say. but if you've been following our RSS news service you'll know we launched a number of new stationery products (check out the press release) earlier in the year. More of that in other posts shortly, it's time to start updating everyone again and the first item on the agenda is our new 'Wedding Favor Catalogue'.

Now before you get too excited and rush right off to the website let me say that only a hand full of products are there just now. There's just too much to do all at once and there's lots of new products coming so just hang in there.

Orange Organza Almond HolderDon't worry though our other wedding favor products are on the way so for now have a look at our ribbon flower almond holders that we've already released. These are Italian style bombonieres and they're absolutely lovely. There's no minmum order either, it just gets better and better. You'll also find at the bottom of the main wedding favor page a four step photo guide to making them. But don't panic, they're ever so easy to do, I promise. They come on a roll like an ordinary roll of ribbon and you just cut the ribbon to length, put your sugared almonds in the pockets and pull the little drawstrings together and tie off. Hey Presto!

They look great all layed out on your tables at the reception and of course there's a huge variety of color schemes available (more coming soon) so you're bound to find something to match your theme. Some of them are lacey, some satin ribbon and of course some organza. Anyway let us know what you think and if you've got any special product requests just email us, we want to give you the products you want.