Hmmm. Did I tell you I was going on vacation? Because I am. For one blissful week. I'm going to shop, eat, read, and drink. Be back in a week!

Cristiano Ronaldo Best Player of the Year

More two prizes for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese extreme of Manchester United was yesterday respected, for UEFA, the best football player of the season 2007/08 of the League of the Champions. Little before, elect had been the best advanced of the League.

The Madeiran was one of the figures of the victorious walk of the Manchester in the League of the Champions. The red devils triumphed in the end, while beating the Chelsea in the decision in the marking of great penalties. Curiously, in this phase, Ronaldo even failed a penalty, but not even that prevented the UEFA from handing over the title of better of the year, yesterday, in Monaco - during the draw of the League of the Champions.

Minutes before this distinction, extreme had already received the trophy of better advanced, of the hands of Eusébio, ancient glory of the national selection of Portugal.

Ronaldo was the only player of the United to gain trophies. Other individual prizes of the UEFA were for athletes of the Chelsea: Cech (better goalkeeper), Terry (better defense) and Lampard (better middle).

Portuguese also was complimented on the president of the UEFA, Michel Platini, because of having stayed in the Manchester. " Ronaldo did well in respecting the contract. It is shameful to sign contracts they are not going to be respected ", it pointed to the French leader.

Things I Love: Almost Fall Edition

I'm back friends. And as the days get a little shorter and the temperatures a little cooler, I find myself looking squarely into my very favorite season. I love everything about fall: football games, a hot pink J.Crew Jackie cardigan and my favorite jeans, apple cider, the kids Halloween costumes at OldNavy, the perfect pair of brown boots, the smell of a new, perfect pink eraser (even adults should be able to buy new school supplies).

So, I thought I would put together my list of almost fall favorites. These things will help me transition into the nights of extra blankets and pumpkin pie.

O.K. I know I am not a teacher, but I can pretend with these cute notecards.

Bananna Republic Silk Wrap Dress
Have I mentioned to you all that the husband and I both have our 10 year high school reunions in October? So, I am on the look-out for a good night time dress that doesn't look like it is trying too hard. I think this lovely number says, yes, I was in the math club, but I also enjoyed a good Jack Daniel's Watermellon Cooler from time to time.

One word - YUM. I treat myself to a new pair of black work shoes in the spring and the fall. Love these, but the price is a little steep. Good thing Jessica Simpson has been taking time off her day job to design shoes. These are almost as good as the Kate Spade version.

This would be great with jeans for a Saturday and equally great with some navy work pants for a Monday meeting. Love the wearability.

What are your almost fall favorites?

Kim and Carl do it in style...

i get VERY EXCITED, often goosebumps too, when i finally get to see my clients' wedding photos- it's a real warm, fuzzy feeling of achievement, a reward for all the hard work and long hours my team and i spend creating a Couture wedding gown, and a beautiful & happy ending to a friendship made between the bride and all of us here at Culture Shock... it's also often the first time i get to see the lucky bloke they end up marrying, too!

So let me introduce you to Kim and Carl, who celebrated their wedding earlier this year in Sydney, beautifully photographed by Guy Lerner at Guy Lerner Photography...

We created Kim's fabulous 2-piece Culture Shock Couture wedding gown from a fabulous vintage kimono we sourced together online ( a great way to go kimono shopping without leaving your keyboard!). Being a beautifully pale-skinned bride who wasn't into the often unflattering "white wedding look", the rich bold effect of black silk spliced together with the fab red/white kimono worked wonderfully against the industrial backdrop of their harbourside pier location. AND we're sure that Kim will be able to wear her fabulous wedding frock again and again... Just goes to show that breaking with bridal tradition can look amazing, and be so much fun to wear, too !!!

Vanessa Palma bewitched with Ronaldo

The presenter of the program “ All in Line ” of the SIC is captivated by the Portuguese expert. Vanessa Palma knew Cristiano Ronaldo in a friends' dinner and it admits that it was surprised by the shyness of the player of the Man. United. For already, Vanessa denies that there is any type of novel, but it does not discard the possibility of that to come to happen in the future: " We are still only friends …. I am unmarried, link also, I do not tell anything not to be able to happen between us ”, affirmed the presenter to "24horas". And in spite of the geographical distance, Vanessa does not see in that an impeditive one: " It might be not much difficult, he does not reside in Portugal, but I am a stewardess.” We are waiting for the scenes of the near chapters …

Ronaldo's license plate costs 220 thousand euros

Cristiano Ronaldo keeps on investing in accessories for his new toy, a Rolls Royce Phantom convertible. Now, the millionaire player of the Manchester bought an license plate for the car with the initials CR7 that cost the modest amount of 220 thousand euros, in accordance with the "Correio da Manhã".

The obsession for the mark CR7 takes the player to spend fortunes in the most eccentric objects. After earrings, furnishings and up to the swimming pool signed with the different mark, the time brought clocks near of buying the license plate for the car with the initials of the name and the number with which it plays in the English club.

The extravagant purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo is not unpublished between footballers, as soon as also Sérgio Conceição and David Beckham did the same thing with their cars.

Return of Ronaldo delayed several weeks

The return to the competition of Cristiano Ronaldo will not be able to happen before middle November, in accordance with informations yesterday conveyed by the English press. The extreme, which had the return predicted for the beginning of October, risks to be outside of the lawns for some more weeks.

In accordance to the newspaper ‘ The Sun ‘, Ronaldo played the last three months of the English championship and the Euro ’ 2008 permeated to delay the operation that was subjected in June to the right ankle. Nevertheless, this measure has been delaying the total recuperation of the player of the red devils.

Alex Ferguson, trainer of Manchester United, guaranteed that is no pressure for the quick recuperation of the Portuguese. " It is better to wait more time, in the form to secure what therapy does not follow again to a play. "

With this delay in the recuperation, Cristiano Ronaldo can fail ten plays of the English League and four of the League of the Champions.

Latest Bridal Fashion by Millie Design

So my mom has been back to the sketch pad lately...She has quite a few designs coming along...Here is one of my favorites. I like it a lot because it actually has a little cap sleeve....I think brides are ready for something besides strapless...

Carlos Queiroz and Cristiano Ronaldo

It is one of the questions that more discussion has been causing in the last times and one of the recurrent subjects of every time the efficiency is questioned finalizadora of the selection: Must Ronaldo maintain his position of extreme or advance for the axle of the attack? After the first session of work with the players, Carlos Queiroz undid the taboo: " I want that Cristiano is one of the men-goal of the selection. "

It is said. The new national selector knows when the number exaggerated well 7 of Manchester United and has no doubts as for the position that must occupy in field: " It will be. Only I see a position for Cristiano Ronaldo playing. And I wait that he is playing 90 per cent of the play in the advanced line, for five in the half-field and two per cent in the defense, possible. Let's hope be able to mark many goals and other players also. "

There to arrive, Queiroz asks question of creasing the beginnings and whose values does not abdicate: " to guard what is well and to add details to improve "; " merit, attitude, form, technical and potential quality ". Too vague? The selector makes real: " The selection is not a house nor a show with marked places. [The choice cannot be done] on basis of the players who arrive first or who knock at the door ".

This time (and this time is the first convocatória of the ex-assistant of Manchester United), the door was closed for the goalkeeper Ricardo (he was called Quim, Eduardo and Daniel Fernandes) and for Lent, but that does not mean what could not be reopened. Everything depends on the players, creases Queiroz, promising notice of near the value of the football players without attending to the clubs that act.

In eve of the return to the bench of the selection, for a particular play with the islands Feroé (this night, at 20h, in the Municipal Stadium of Aveiro), Carlos Queiroz recognized that what is left in quality of raw material in the deficient selection in time of work. Especially because the plays of the phase of qualification for the World championship of 2010, in the South Africa, begin already in September. Even there, the players will carry out only more two trainings together.

" To re-define the selection ", the technician promises to resort to new solutions - " if ancient solutions to be applied in new problems, one does not evolve " - what they allow the condicionalismos of work exceed the one that is I subject. What the strategy is following? " To reinvent the formula of training without training ".

Jasmine Lennard is new " friend " of Cristiano Ronaldo

Every week seems to appear a “ friend “ of Cristiano Ronaldo. This time is the young British actress Jasmine Lennard who affirms to have conquered the Portuguese expert. In accordance with the newspaper “ Sunday People “, 23-year-old Jasmine, wrote in his personal page of the Internet that spent her birthday “ celebrating like a rock star with Cristiano ”. The two will have known each other in Los Angeles and, according to a source near of the actress, the novel is running wonderfully. Jasmine, who at present lives in the USA, seems to be keen to see the international Portuguese playing. But will the romance last?

For the Preppy Bridesmaid

I'm off to Dallas tomorrow morning, EARLY. Like so early, I think the last time I had to set my alarm clock this early, it was to cram before the SATs.

Anyways, wanted to share this lovely stamped monogram necklace from GemsByEm on etsy. This would be a great bridesmaid/hostess/just for me because I am awesome gift. Agree?

Preppy Party Craft Kick

O.K. This project makes me want to learn how to sew. I love the look of this home-made garland. Also perfect for your next birthday party or shower.

Via The Purl Bee. WARNING: This website will make you want to be a craftier person.

Monogrammed Chocolates

I am obsessed with this personalized candy board via Martha Stewart.

This will be on the agenda for the next shower I throw. Especially these babies. They are almost too pretty to eat.

Happy Salma Minta Sheila Marcia Tak Dipenjara

[Detik] - Artis Happy Salma menjenguk Sheila Marcia yang dibui karena nyabu. Menurut Happy seharusnya Sheila tak diperlakukan seperti tahanan.

"Kalau betul dia itu pemakai, itu berarti dia kan sakit. Orang sakit mesti diterapi di rehabilitasi bukan di sini," jelasnya usai menjenguk Sheila di penjara wanita Polres Jakarta Utara, Minggu (17/8/2008).

Bintang film 'Hantu Aborsi' itu berpendapat Sheila hanyalah seorang korban. Sebagai korban, ia tidak seharusnya dipenjara.

"Sheila hanya seorang korban, kan ada bandar, pengedar dan lain-lain," tukasnya.

Miss Universe 2008 Kunjungi Candi Borobudur

[Kompas] - Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza (22) mengunjungi Candi Borobudur, Kabupaten Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Senin (18/8). Dalam acara tersebut, ratu kecantikan sejagad ini tampak begitu bersemangat mengamati setiap sudut candi.

Karena bukan merupakan kunjungan formal, Dayana tampil santai dengan busana kasual, bercelana panjang hitam, dan atasan berupa blus tipis warna ungu. Dalam kesempatan ini, dia pun memakai sepatu tanpa hak.

Saat dibawa berkeliling, Dayana tampak tidak ingin melewatkan setiap hal yang dilihatnya ta npa mengabadikannya dengan kamera foto. Bahkan, petugas dari Balai Konservasi Peninggalan Borobud ur yang tengah menerangkan sejarah tentang candi kepada dirinya, juga tak luput menjadi obyek sasaran kamera Dayana.

Tak hanya itu, dia pun sibuk menjelajah, mencari-cari lokasi yang tepat untuk berfoto. Setelah menemukan, apa yang dia cari, gadis Venezuela ini pun tidak malu-malu berpose dan meminta untuk segera difoto.

Cut Memey Punya Teman Tidur

[Okezone] - Lama Tak terdengar kabarnya, Cut Memey membawa kabar bahagia. Cut memey mengatakan kini dirinya tak sendiri lagi, karena sudah ada yang menemaninya tidur.

Jangan berpikir negatif dulu, karena teman tidur yang dimaksud artis yang akrab disapa Memey ini adalah anak angkatnya yang bernama Ansyita Valenza Agustin. Kehadiran Ansyita dalam kehidupannya, membuat dia lebih bersemangat menjalani hidup.

"Hari-hari aku sekarang lebih ceria, soalnya sekarang aku punya anak yang setia menemaniku. Jadinya tambah semangat deh," kata Memey, saat ditemui di Kandang Jurang Doank, Ciputat, Jumat (15/8/2008).

Cristiano Ronaldo: Ferguson just won't accept Real Madrid

The manager and trainer of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson, was preferring to see the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo leaving the club taking Barcelona as a destiny, as opposed to Ronaldo going to Real Madrid.

The "accusation" is done by the publication of this Tuesday of the newspaper "Marca", which speaks in a meeting that Ferguson and Ronaldo had some weeks ago, in Lisbon, in which the English trainer will have accepted the claim of the international Portuguese of leaving Old Trafford ... since the destiny is not Real Madrid.

In accordance with the Spanish diary, Alex Ferguson would be willing to let go Ronaldo for Barcelona, for half of the value offered by the meringues, only so that the Portuguese did not reinforce the plantel led by Bernd Schuster, situation that, however, only did not come true because, it tells still the "Marca", Cristiano will have refused, since « he does not want to play in another club that is not Real Madrid ».

Because of this, the extreme will have preferred, according to the morning paper, to remain in Manchester, even risking to pass great part of the time in the substitutes' bank, to sign, in next season, for the blancos.

The "Marca" guarantees still that Cristiano Ronaldo will refuse the proposal of renovation of contract that the English club has been preparing, to the same time as Jorge Mendes continues in England, trying to convince the Manchester United to accept the proposal of Real Madrid.


Loving the neckline and look of J.Crew's Gracie wedding dress. Also loving the price ($395) and that it comes in petite.

Also really loving the Cecelia dress for the maids.
And the Matilda or the Super 120 (in purple) if you're attending a fall/winter wedding.

Bridal Fashion Photo Shoot

photography by Christy B Anderson

Well, we finally went back to Yorktown Beach and finished the rest of MILLIE's photo shoot last night. 10 dresses!!!! We almost ran out of light.......Christy grabbed this last shot of the night......Gorgeous! The dress is Tyla.

The veil

Some Brides envision themselves with a tiara in there hair, or a flower or feather, or nothing at all. I however, have always thought of myself as a "veil" girl…not for the symbolic reasons regarding wearing a veil…but for pure aesthetics. When I decided on a veil, some people were surprised that I wasn't going to go for a tiara - the running joke since my 18th birthday has always been referring to me as "Princess Ashley" on special occasions…I know it sounds terrible…but it is actually quite funny. My MOH Meg even ended her speech with a toast to us as : the Groom and "Princess Ashley"…too funny!

There are so many different types f veils to choose from…some with ribbon and beading, some with many layers, short ones, long ones, really, really long ones - you get my drift ;)

I'm really happy with the simple (yet lengthy) veil I choose…it looked lovely in pictures and seemed very "Bridal" to me

Because of the length, I opted to put the veil on myself after leaving the hair salon. Here are some "action" shots of me putting it on…lol:

Ta da!

One thing that is so great about a long veil - in terms of photography - is that you can do so much fun stuff with it:

You can play coy with it:

It can get caught in the wind:

You and your new hubs can hide under it:

It helps to disguise a hairstyle you don't love:

It blows nicely in the breeze:

Just make sure you don't mind when bugs get caught in it, people step on it or it gets snagged on something ;)

Porto Santo:Project of a luxury hotel of Cristiano Ronaldo

The hotel and property project of luxury in Porto Santo of a Portuguese partnership that has one of the investors the international player Cristiano Ronaldo is dependent of the preparation of a Plan of Urbanization in that island.

In declarations to the Portuguese agency, the advocated one of the Portuguese society, Plaza Prestige, which prepares the project for this luxury undertaking, which includes hotel and dwellings, Sandra Jardim Fernandes, guaranteed that the investors " are something disappointed " with the delay " because they are to the wait from last year, but do not intend to give up ".

" For the investors it has not been easy to wait because they were liking that everything was quicker ", it added.

" After they acquire the lands in the zone of the Narrow bay, the search and the interest of several persons has been coming to increase, then the Town Hall of Porto Santo decided to do a Plan of Urbanization to make faster the approval of the projects of construction ", it explained.

Also the Lord Mayor of Porto Santo, Roberto Silva, guaranteed to the Portuguese one that this hotel and property project of the partnership that takes the football players Cristiano Ronaldo and Luís Figo as associates in that island if it maintains.

Today the Madeiran morning papers that advanced that the group had sold to another foreign partnership the project of construction near the beach of yellow sand in the so-called Golden Island.

In spite of the newspaper commentaries news that notice of what Cristiano Ronaldo and other businessmen intend to build a luxury undertaking in the zone of the Narrow bay, in Porto Santo, are not known many details on the project.

The natural player himself of the Madeira admitted in the autobiographical book published in 2007 to his intention of investing in that island.

In an interview to the Portuguese agency in April of this year, Cristiano Ronaldo highlighted: " in this moment I have some projects to pass in Porto Santo, we are going to see if the Funchal will be the next objective ", he said.

Letizia Filippi and Cristiano Ronaldo

The new 'affair' of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Italian model Letizia Filippi, is crazy to carry out a different dream with the expert of Manchester United. The beauty wants to go out with the player inside a particular airplane.

- We already exchanged ten of messages on that. My dream seriates to be in a small jet, just with him, in the height. It would be very romantic - it affirmed Letizia, in interview to the newspaper “ The Sun “.

Real Madrid wants 22 millions

Cristiano Ronaldo is going to compensate Real Madrid in 22 million euros because of having 'refused' to play in the current Spanish champion in this season. According to the English newspaper ‘ News of the World ’, the 'meringues' are demanding the allowance because of one alleged agreenment with Jorge Mendes, businessman of the player, whom it guaranteed, perceptibly a month ago, that, if the player did not leave the Manchester United and sign for Real Madrid, this club would be compensated financially.

The n.º 7 already affirmed publicly that it was going to play one more season in Old Trafford, putting a final point in the transfer for the Spanish capital, which would always make it into the most expensive player of of the history of the world-wide soccer (700 thousand euros / month). The player gains 640 thousand in Manchester.

In spite that seems guaranteed that the Portuguese expert is going to Real in next season, it does not seem to the club to want to forgive the 'treason' of the player who, after confessing to want to play in the Spanish giant, changed is mind.

Meantime, and after some days to recover of the injury in the ankle in Lisbon, Cristiano Ronaldo returned England (it was yesterday in the row of seats in the departure of the English Supercup), already without the help of canadianas, where it was a target of a surprise for part of the colleagues of team. In accordance with the English press, so what entered in the center of traineeship of ‘ red devils ’, and before general burst of laughter, the remaining players offered a sweater of Real Madrid. A fun of the group of work that asked question of showing that there is not any tension in the bathing resort of the English bi-champeon.

" It was hilarious. The companions wanted to play him but Ronaldo took everything with good mood ", said the source of Manchester United, quoted by the English press.

bridal fashion by MILLIE~ The Avery

photography by Christy B. Anderson

Here is MILLIE's latest fashion off the runway ~The Avery. A very simple gown but absolutely gorgeous. It's currently my favorite right changes everyday... My mom has been working on some new designs. I'll post them soon.

Sheila Marcia Tertangkap Lagi Pesta Shabu

[Detik] - Satu lagi artis ibukota tertangkap basah sedang berpesta narkoba. Bintang sinetron dan film Sheila Marcia Kamis lalu (7/8/2008) tertangkap basah bersama rekan laki-lakinya lagi pesta Shabu.

"Sheila Marcia sudah kita jadikan tersangka dalam kasus ini," jawab Kapolsek Penjaringan Kompol Asep Adisaputra saat ditanya oleh detikhot soal kasus tertangkapnya Shelia Marcia lewat telefon selularnya Sabtu Malam (9/8/2008).

Menurut Kompol Asep Adisaputra, Sheila Marcia tertangkap bersama satu rekan prianya di salah satu kondominium di Pluit, Jakarta Utara.

Ronaldo refuses proposal of renovation from Manchester United

Yes, it is true that Cristiano Ronaldo still does not go to Real Madrid this year. But he might the season 2009-10 it.

This is the most obvious explanation to refuse a renovation of contract for more 5 seasons, with an salary progressively bigger than would begin in 4,7 millions euros / time that it derives at present up to 6,2 in the last year of contract.

The proposal was done personally by Alex Ferguson in a meeting that had yesterday with the Portuguese expert in Carrington, the center of traineeship of Manchester United.

Ronaldo will have refused because there would not have been this the initial offer of the club of Old Trafford and what made him return to England. According to the Spanish press, Ferguson would have promised to let Ouro's Boot leave in the end of next season in exchange for 82 million euros.

Even without quoting explicitly Real Madrid, the fact of this was the amount told by the club meringue in the last offer to the English club, says everything.

After the meeting with the boss of the red devils, Ronaldo returned his house, always accompanied by the physiotherapist António Gaspar, who is treating the recuperation of the operated ankle of the player, and the rest of the day did not go out.

It refers what, in the end, received the visits of Nani and more some personal friends.

Cristiano Ronaldo orders Rolls Royce Phantom convertible

The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo gave himself a worthy luxury of celebrity. The player ordered a Rolls Royce for 340 thousand pounds . The 23-year-old expert, one of the most coveted bachelors of the moment, chose the model convertible Phantom. According to the site of the British newspaper " The Sun ", the money that the expert will spend will not do difference for him. The amount is equal to less than he wins in a month of work. Boy still has an Aston Martin, a BMW 6 Series and one Ferrari whom it leaves in his birth-place, Portugal.

 Cristiano Ronaldo Rolls Royce

Ronaldo in Gerês with Colombian Top Model

The loving conquests of Cristiano Ronaldo seem to have no end. After the adventures in Los Angeles, United States of America, the Portuguese expert chosed Gerês, in Portugal, to rest in the company of a beautiful Colombian model.

After many loving adventures, Ronaldo went to Gerês with the Colombian Mirella Grisales.

Besides the company of the physiotherapist António Gaspar and of the agent Jorge Mendes, Cristiano Ronaldo spent good moments in the Gerês with the friend.

The number seven of Manchester United was seen last week riding a motorbike with Mirella in the river of the Gerês.

The model and Colombian actress Mirella Grisales told to the Spanish magazine " Interviú " in September of last year that she had already had a relationship with Ronaldo. The two knew last Summer in Miami, United states.

 Mirella Grisales and Cristiano Ronaldo

Getting The Dress On

As I mentioned in a previous post, the morning of the wedding woke up to a beautiful sunrise…I then turned the airconditioner off (Pat had turned it up to the max the night before - brrr…, checked the weather channel (no rain!) and promply fell back asleep. I awoke again a few hours later at 8:00am anxious for the day to begin.

My sister, Karen, was going to pick me up at around 9:45am to drive us to our 10:00am hair appointment…she was right on time :)

I really enjoyed the time alone in my hotel room - but at the same time, it did feel kind of lonely. I could have had my sister, or now sister in laws stay with me…but I think I really would have preferred Patrick to be there. I don't regret my decision to spend the night before my wedding away from my fiance…but I don't think I would have regretted staying with him either. I have always fantasized about seeing my hubs for the first time on our wedding day walking down the aisle…but I don't think it really would have mattered if he saw me in my pjs or jeans…the big reveal really comes when everyone is dressed in their finest anyway.

Just a little food for thought…I didn't really give it the thought I should've - espeically considering Patrick pushed to stay the night together…oh well!

Onto the getting ready part. Our photographer was set to arrive at 1:30-ish to take some pictures. The plan was for the 'maids to be dressed and ready to go. I would then get dressed once the photog arrived. When she got there I was in my customized tank (don't hate me for it…lol…I love personalized stuff!):

Before Melissa, our photographer, arrived I'd ordered up some OJ to add to the champagne I'd brought for mimoas…can you see my frugility here? So, we sat around and enjoyed these for awhile. I'd also bought a couple of donuts and muffins (I think only one muffin though…it was all Timmies had left - lol)…we munched on those too. It was funny that although I hadn't really eaten much the week before the wedding (I was PARANOID…like severly…that my dress wouldn't zip up - terrible feelings to have) and was often really hungry…I had like NO appeitie on the day of the wedding. This is not like me. I love food soooo much (hence the 5-7 pounds I've since gained back) - I guess my nerves were bothering me.

After the sitting around for a while (well, I was kind of pacing - I didn't know what to do with myself!). I opened the gift Patrick gave me…I kind of already knew what it was (shhh!)…but it made for some photo-ops:

I'm looking at my MOH, Meg, here…I think she was teasing me because she knew I knew what the gift was…lol - so contrived!

Before I knew it, it was time to put on THE dress :)

I'm a pretty modest girl…which made putting on a wedding gown in front of 5 other people an interesting experience! I made them all promise not to look ;) Of course it was a-ok for the photog to take a few pics…but none of me in my knickers!

Yay - it fits!!!

Keselamatan Dewi Persik Terancam

[Detik] - Ada apalagi dengan Dewi Persik? Tak ada habisnya berita soal penyanyi seksi itu. Kali ini Dewi gagal bergoyang di Sampit dan Pangkalan Bun gara-gara keselamatannya terancam.

"Seharusnya aku ntar malem berangkat ke Sampit dan Pangkalan Bun, untuk menghibur masyarakat sana. Tapi nggak tahu kenapa? digagalkan," ucap mantan istri Saipul Jamil saat ditemui detikhot di Kota, Jakarta, Jumat (8/8/2008).

Menurut Kapolda setempat, memang sudah terjadi ancaman untuk penyanyi yang dicekal di banyak kota itu. Karena petugas keamanan tidak berani menjamin keselamatan Dewi maka lebih baik konser tersebut digagalkan.
Over the next little bit I plan on doing a recap of our wedding day…but as I get organized for those, I'll leave you with a couple "teaser" pics ;)