#681: balloon.

the bridemaids took balloons down the aisle for this pretty wedding.

photo by michele waite via 100 layer cake.


Весна и осень Зеленоградского озера

Фотографии сделаны 13 мая 2006 года и 30 октября 2009 года

50s Wedding Veils and Fascinators

50s veils and fascinators

If you're planning on wearing a 50s style wedding dress, then you may also be looking for something other than a standard veil. From birdcage veils to feather fascinators, there are plenty of stunning hair pieces out there to help you complete that retro look.

1 Feather fascinator Pinup Girl Clothing, 2 Birdcage veil Velvet Owl, 3 Pillbox hat Boring Sidney, 4 Bow hairband Talulah Rose, 5 Birdcage veil Velvet Owl, 6 Rose fascinator Pinup Girl Clothing, 7 Sinamay flower fascinator Pink Tigers Den, 8 Birdcage veil Brenda's Bridal Veils

Исторические памятники Зеленоградска

Sara & Kane

This 5x7 pocket fold from Envelopments made the perfect wedding packet for the guests attending this destination wedding in Hawaii. The packet has a map, directions, itinerary, local events and popular tourist attractions all in one classy portfolio! What a treat for this couple's guests!

Следы на песке

Снимок сделан 10 октября 2006 года

50s Style Wedding Dress Alert

50s wedding dress

50's style brides on a budget will love this dress from our very own Honeypie Boutique. It's available to order now from £149.00!

Update: New website with lots more designs now live!

50s wedding dress, 50s style wedding dress, Tea length wedding dress, Cheap 50s wedding dress

Handmade Snowflake Wedding Invitations for Amanda + Edwin

Amanda's custom snowflake invitations!


276 pine cones

46 dark chocolate boxes

46 satin scarlet red hand-tied bows

184 hand-torn edges

6 cups of faux snow

100% handmade love

View more photos of Amanda and Edwin's Handmade Snowflake Invitations here >>

Капли дождя на фоне Кафедрального собора

Автопортрет )

Katie & Ronald

This is a new style we offer called the Portfolio Pocket - it is great for a destination wedding or a wedding with a weekend of events. The portfolio has a frame to insert a photo and the folder has a bit of a gusset so it can expand to hold several insert cards. We really loved the extra details this couple added to the invitation - embossed monogram, bling, ribbon and a great photo keepsake!

Debbie and Rob's 50s Style Wedding

50s wedding

Debbie and Rob made sure that their big day in Berkshire was one to remember! Debbie chose a striking red Candy Anthony dress, and her bridesmaid's dress was made up from a vintage pattern. Continuing the retro theme, Rob's mum made the most amazing giant cupcake for the couple, yum!

The wedding certainly reflected the couples' personalities, as Debbie revealed that she makes and sells vintage inspired fascinators and gifts in her Etsy shop www.talulahroseonetsy.etsy.com

KT Bruce Photography did a fantastic job capturing their special day on camera.

Red 50s wedding dress

SEL Big Event Bridal Fair

Come see us at the
SEL Big Event Bridal Fair
November 7th
SEL Event Center
Pullman, Washington


This is a famous song from the ace director Mani Ratnam's yesteryear flick KANNATHIL MUTHAMITTAL... And AR RAHMAN casts Feat himself in this short but vibrant video album, its a must watch video song, which is available in high quality and completely free for you my friends.


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In this upcoming movie, Karthi would fight against 18 villains. There is no such major negative character role in this movie instead, the director has gone for an innovative try by using 18 villains against a hero. Lets see how this would be accepted by the people. Hopefully this movie would be released before 'Ayirathil Oruvan'

#680: the paper crafties.

i love crafting.

but i'm not the type who can REALLY craft. i mean. i love the people who can REALLY craft. like, the serious crafters out there who can REALLY create REALLY amazing stuff.

but i'm not one of those.

i'm more of a... wannabe crafter. you know. the kind of crafter that gets an a for effort.

that kind of thing.

but i guess i didn't care. because we still ended up with sort of a paper craft extravaganza...thing.

our card box and our programs:

uh huh. that's right. paper baggies for the pompoms:

our centerpieces:

part of our placecard table:

here are our placecards, appropriately blurrily photographed by a friend:

(remember way back when when they were just frosh? sigh.)

most of them ended up finding cozy homes as such (photographed by a friend):

the paper experience worked for us because...well, i love paper. and i love to craft. craft-extraordinaire-WANNABE i may be, but those jitters came second to just doing something i really enjoyed doing...so that the end result would be a personal, connected, and meaningful one.

which it was.

and that's the a's and z's of it, yo. simple, huh.

all photos by max wanger unless i said it wasn't.

Weird Wedding Cakes!

These has got to be the weirdest, yet cool-looking, wedding cakes I've ever seen. In what other way can a couple best describe their love than showing it off on their wedding cakes!

Wedding Cakes

It's what we see, and eventually eat, after every wedding ceremony, topped with cute small models of the bride and groom called the wedding toppers. It's a tradition for us Christians to serve large cakes, multi-layered or tiered, covered with lots of icing at wedding receptions.

As white or sometimes silver a wedding cake has to be, it's supposed to represent the purity of the bride, taking away sexual implications and decorous purity of the bride at marriage.

The classic form had three sources, the use of loaves at Christian marriage rites, the appearance of "subtleties" and later sugar sculpture in medieval and Renaissance banquets in Europe, and the development of the English form of the substance "cake," mainly in the seventeenth century.

Well these weird wedding cakes sure says a lot more about the bride and the groom! Have fun laughing!

Weird Wedding Cakes - the bride and the groom in the middle of a shootout?Weird Wedding Cakes - it's under the sea wedding! or is it lost in paradise cake?
 Weird Wedding Cakes - congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Duck? the cake looks like a pile of veggies...Weird Wedding Cakes - now this is hilarious! what were the couple thinking when they decided on this wedding cake?

Weird Wedding Cakes - a really bloody wedding cake if you ask me!Weird Wedding Cakes - eeekkk... a deer's head as a cake topper? creepy and ugly!
Weird Wedding Cakes - now this cake reminds me of the movie Mr. and Mrs. SmithWeird Wedding Cakes - this has got to be the ugliest wedding cake I've ever seen in my entire life!
Weird Wedding Cakes - need I say? It's ugly, doesn't look like a wedding cake, and I wouldn't definitely not use this cake for my weddingWeird Wedding Cakes - I call this, the wedding cake disaster! hahaha...

Weird Wedding Cakes - more deer heads? eewww...Weird Wedding Cakes - is this a chocolate wedding cake?
Weird Wedding Cakes - A Kingkong-inspired wedding cake, how ugly!Weird Wedding Cakes - Ahahaha!! Finally, Frankenstein found his bride!
Weird Wedding Cakes - I don't even know what this is! Is that Obi One?Weird Wedding Cakes - Look sweety! It's a Starwars wedding cake!

Weird Wedding Cakes - The leaning tower of... I don't know!
Weird Wedding Cakes - Now that's a cool wedding cake!
Weird Wedding Cakes - I don't know what this one is called, but it's just so wrong
Weird Wedding Cakes - Wow! Now this one's pretty amazing to me!
Weird Wedding Cakes - I don't quite understand the meaning of this wedding cake
Weird Wedding Cakes - This one doesn't look like a wedding cake at all. It looks like a bunch of muffins and cupcakes at a kid's birthday party (with a stupid looking topper)

Pretty cool, funny and totally weird wedding cakes! Sure some of them looks cool, but I wouldn't want any of these cakes to represent me on my wedding day. Would you?